Police identify father of child found abandoned in Gandhinagar

A day after a toddler was found abandoned outside a Swaminarayan gaushala in the village of Pethapur near Gandhinagar, police identified the child’s father on Saturday.

The 8-10 month old child was then taken to Gandhinagar Civil Hospital. Interior Minister Harsh Sanghavi went to the hospital on Saturday to inquire about the child. According to the police, a certain Sachin Dixit, a resident of Sector 26 of Gandhinagar town, was the father of the child.

Police said Dixit had lived with his wife at the address for 10 years and was from Uttar Pradesh. “Preliminary inquiries indicate that the child was not born to Dixit’s wife,” Sanghvi told media. Police said Dixit left for Rajasthan on Saturday.

“We have followed them and they are coming back from Kota,” Sanghavi said.