Part of old two-story building collapses, 2 fear being trapped under rubble

Part of an old two-story building in the northern part of the city’s Ahiritola Alley collapsed Wednesday morning in which two people, including a child, are believed to be trapped under the rubble, police said.

A huge disaster management team, firefighters and police personnel from the local police station are on site, a Kolkata police officer said.

“So far four people have been rescued. We are trying to save two others still trapped under the rubble. There is still a child and another person underneath, ”he said.

The part of the building at 9 Ahiritola lane, where two families stayed, collapsed around 6:40 a.m., he said.

“One of the two families managed to get out of the rubble through a large breach, but another family with a child got stuck under the rubble. Our men have taken out four and are trying to save more, ”he said.

Residents rushed to the scene and informed the Jorabagan police station who, along with firefighters and disaster management personnel, rushed to the scene, the officer said, adding that those rescued had been taken to a nearby hospital.

“The whole building is in very bad condition and we have to carry out the rescue operations very carefully, otherwise there is a risk of another disaster,” he added.