Oscar-nominated actress Jessie Buckley joins Next Dark Picture Anthology

The next game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series, The Devil in Me, will feature Oscar-nominated actress Jessie Buckley as the main character.

Developer Supermassive Games has announced that the season 1 finale of The Dark Pictures Anthology, justified The devil in Me, will star in Oscar-nominated actress Jessie Buckley. From the same studio that created the critically acclaimed horror game Until Dawn, Dark Pictures Anthology was first announced in 2019. Since then, three installments have been released for the game, with The devil in me to be released later this year.

While each episode of Dark pictures the series is centered around an independent interactive horror story, a narrator called The Curator is present in all episodes, which will discuss the game’s events with the player. Each story is heavily dependent on players making choices as the game progresses, many of which can have long-lasting or even fatal consequences. Throughout each game, players can find collectible pictures that serve as preconceptions about possible events in the game, which often provide clues as to how to survive. A total of eight installments are planned The Dark Pictures Anthology, to be released in several seasons. It is not uncommon for Dark pictures games with famous actors as the protagonists of the game, with former stars including Ashley Tisdale, Will Poulter and Nick E. Tarabay.


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That Supermassive games Twitter account announced that Oscar-nominated actress Jessie Buckley will star The devil in methe main character Kate Wilder. According to the game’s publisher Bandai Namco, The devil in me centers on a documentary film crew receiving an invitation to a copy of the mansion owned by the famous American serial killer HH Holmes, christened “The murder castle“Next to the announcement, Supermassive shared new art for the game with Buckley along with Holmes’ mansion and a menacing figure who appears to be Holmes himself.

Buckley is without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed actors included in the film Dark pictures series, and will definitely set fans’ expectations high for what the next game will offer. The previous post, House of Ashwas well received and contained some star power even with cast members like Ashley Tisdale. However, Buckley’s recent Oscar nomination for drama film The prodigal daughter adds a new element of prestige to the future Dark pictures rate and is likely to win The devil in me more attention than its predecessors. Combined with its appeal to true-crime fans due to its serial killer theme, the game may be the most successful game in the series so far.

Horror game fans have a lot to look forward to with Dark Pictures Anthology series. The potential at The devil in me is exciting in itself, and one recent leak revealed more Dark pictures titles that will be released in the future. Not only that – the addition of an actress like Jessie Buckley to the cast raises the possibility that future games will be able to recruit even bigger stars than it has done in the past. The developer Supermassive Games has proven to be a master of the horror genre and will definitely scare players with Dark Pictures Anthology series in the coming years.

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Source: Bandai Namco, Supermassive games / Twitter

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