Naughty dog ​​licks reveal The Last of Us Multiplayer, sequel plans

A recent Naughty Dog leak has revealed new details about the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off as well as the series’ next sequel.

A leak has revealed new details about the upcoming The last of us multiplayer games as well as the series’ next sequel. It’s almost two years ago The Last of Us Part 2 was released and developer Naughty Dog has still not launched the multiplayer mode it originally promised for the game. While the studio has since announced that the supposed multiplayer mode has evolved into an independent multiplayer spin-off, fans still find remnants of The last of us 2‘s multiplayer in the game files.

While The last of us 2 launched without a multiplayer mode, its predecessor Factions multiplayer mode was relatively popular. Factions lets players choose between two factions and then join multiple battle types to collect points either to upgrade their own weapons and armor or to convert to supplies for their respective factions at the end of each battle. Fans of the game mode most likely hoped it would return The last of us 2 but it ended up not being the case.


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In a series of tweets, Oops Leaks claims that Naughty Dog planned to make one The last of us Battle royale game but eventually it restarted for something that is supposedly a mix of Escape from Tarkov and Ubisoft The divisionwhere some elements are taken from The last of usalso s fractions. The new online game will have a “single-player-like” experience, will be free to play and will come to PlayStation 5 as a flagship live service title. It will reportedly be the first of ten live service games scheduled for PlayStation. Ups Leaks also claims that the disposition for The Last of Us Part 3s script is ready, but Naughty Dog is currently busy working on other projects, including the aforementioned The last of us online games and a brand new IP that is said to be a singleplayer fantasy game.

While the Oops Leaks are speculating that the new spin-off will be announced this year with a release date in 2023, another report claims that TLOU‘s multiplayer game is coming in 2022 along with the upcoming remake of The Last of Us. It is also possible that the spin-off somewhat coincides with the release of the upcoming TV series, which is scheduled to begin airing next year.

ONE The last of us multiplayer spin-off that combines elements from Escape from Tarkov and The division seems like a pretty good idea and fits in pretty well with the series’ narrative. If the leak turns out to be true, fans will definitely have something interesting to look forward to either this year or next, while waiting for the series’ next big episode.

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