My Hero Academia is Ditching Deku, and that’s a good thing

My Hero Academy main character Deku will likely be off the screen in the next few chapters, which is a good thing for the rest of its cast.

Warning! Contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 348!

Since Deku will travel to fight Shigaraki over the next few chapters it seems My Hero Academia will be able to shift his focus away from him and onto characters who desperately need it. While Deku is the main character in the manga, the series boasts a large number of characters, many of whom still have unresolved character arcs. It seems that there may now finally be a possibility for these bows to be wrapped.

My Hero Academia, a superhero manga by Kohei Horikoshi, is currently in its final arc. This bow is a complete war between the Heroes’ Association and League of Villains. The battles take place in different places where both the heroes and the villains are divided between them. The heroes tried to set up these battles in a way so they would have the maximum chance of victory, but Deku was taken away from his intended battlefield by Himiko Toga. This left the group of heroes fighting Shigaraki in a great disadvantage, despite the large number of heroes fighting against him.


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At the end of chapter 348, Deku left the battle with Toga to go against the battle with Shigaraki. Although Deku can use his quirks to travel very fast, Shigaraki are about 200 kilometers away from the place where they fought against Toga, so it will still take some time to get there. That means he probably just needs courage the fight with Shigaraki over the next few chapters that will let My Hero Academia focus on other characters and fight while doing this. This will allow Horikoshi to solve many character bows without detracting from the battle that the entire series has built up to.

My Hero Academia's Deku runs away.

When all the characters were first split, many of these matches were set up. Endeavor, Hawks and All for One were all deposited at the Gunga Mountain Villa site and even exchanged some initial verbal insults. That match will be an opportunity for Endeavor and the Hawks to really step into the role of the best pro heroes for the first time since Dabi revealed Endeavor’s violent parenting and the Hawks murdered twice. Dabi also has an important fight against him as he is about to meet his younger brother Todoroki. The fight will hopefully give the two characters the opportunity to solve their family problems that are the heart of both of their character arcs. And of course, there is also the fight that Deku has just left between Ochako, Froppy and Toga, which promises to resolve the complicated feelings that Uraraka and Himiko have towards each other.

All these battles and character arcs could have fallen out of the way if the battle between Shigaraki and Deku had been fought immediately. The battle between the successors of All for one and one for all is what the entire series has built up to over its nearly 350 chapters. After it begins, any cut away from that struggle can feel like a de-escalation or distraction from the main event. So by taking Deku out of the picture in the near future, My Hero Academia has expertise set the stage for its large cast of supporting characters to complete their character arcs before the true final battle begins.

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