Mumbai: BEST shows deficit of Rs 2,236 to roll out more electric buses

BRIHANMUMBAI’s (BEST) electricity supply and transmission company presented a deficit budget of Rs 2,236 crore on Friday, which is higher than the previous year.

The BEST, however, has forecast an expenditure of Rs 695 crore for capital spending for the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

While BEST earned Rs 4,997.04 crore, it spent Rs 7,233.52 crore in 2020-2021.

BEST provides electricity to several areas of Mumbai and bus services to the metropolitan area. Currently, BEST has nearly 3,875 buses.

Officials say it plans to convert all of its electric buses by 2027. It also plans to lease 2,100 electric buses with its drivers. Of these 2,100 buses, 1,400 buses would be air-conditioned (AC), 400 midi AC, 100 mini AC and 200 double-decker e-buses.

In order to increase the number of electric vehicles, the company plans to set up 55 public charging stations in its bus stations and depots in the city.

“There are also plans to launch special buses for women during peak hours, as well as special buses for schools, businesses and call centers to increase income, as well as a special route dedicated to women. AC electric buses from Mumbai International Airport to Nariman Point. and BKC, ”said a company official.