Ms Marvel’s MCU Powers Change can avoid Marvel’s biggest flop

When Ms. Marvel debuts in MCU, Kamala Khan will have various powers to help her break her ties to one of Marvel’s biggest mistakes.

Disney + is on its way Ms. Marvel the series changes the powers of its eponymous superhero, Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), as confirmed by Ms. Marvel trailer. This could also be a step away from Marvel’s biggest flop in recent years, Inhuman. Scheduled to be released in June 2022, Ms. Marvel will introduce Kamala Khan as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest young superhero. Kamala, a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager, wants to protect Jersey City on his way to Ms. Marvel joins its hero, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), in the 2023s The Marvels.

Published in 2017, Inhuman is notorious as a giant misfire for Marvel Television. Based on the characters created in Fantastic four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Inhumans was part of a Marvel Comics initiative during the 2010s to scale down the X-Men because the mutants’ film rights were then owned by Fox. Marvel Comics emphasized Inhumans in the release, and this led to Marvel Studios initially announcing a Inhuman film as part of phase 3 before it is quickly removed from the film disc. Instead, Inhuman was transformed into a disastrous Marvel TV miniseries with Anson Mount as the King of the Inhuman, Black Bolt, Serinda Swan as the Queen Medusa and Iwan Rheon as the villain Maximus. A weird production compared to Marvel Studios’ hit movies and Netflix Marvel shows, Inhuman proved to be an epic failure for Marvel Television, and it’s unlikely to be considered the canon of mainline MCU.


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Ms. However, Marvel’s powers and comic book origins are inextricably linked to the Inhumans, and this is something that has been deliberately altered for MCU. In the comics, Kamala Khan is also an inhuman who gained her abilities when she inhaled Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists. The cartoon Ms. Marvel is a polymorph, a shapeshifter who can “embig” her body parts to give her increased strength, speed and invulnerability. But the series trailer shows her creating a “built-in” fist of crystalline-like energy, as well as using other entirely new forces, proving that MCU Ms. Marvel’s powers have changed. This switch accompanies the fact that Kamala’s MCU origins have also been changed so that she is no longer an inhuman, as Inhumans do not canonically exist in the MCU movies and the Disney + series.

Ms. Marvel’s change of power avoids Mr. Fantastic movie problem

Ms marvel redesign fantastic four mr fantastic

Another probable reason why Ms. Marvel’s powers are different in the MCU, is that her polymorphic abilities would seem too similar to Reed Richards from The Fantastic Four. The superhero quartet’s long-awaited debut in MCU is under development, and Mr. Fantastic is recognized as the foremost hero with stretching powers in the Marvel universe. Reed Richards’ extent is also a problematic ability to get right on screen (as shown by each earlier Fantastic four movie) and clearly, the Ms. Marvel TV series have wisely avoided trying to make it work for Kamala Khan. Choosing instead of changing Kamala’s powerset in the MCU means avoiding hassle with not only Inhumanbut also Fantastic four.

How Ms. Marvel is changing its comic book superpowers


While Kamala Khan’s signature giant fist is still popping up Ms. Marvel, it appears to be made of energy rather than her own atoms stretching and growing. She can also use the same energy in other ways, such as a surface to step high above the ground, a force field, or other types of explosions. Likewise, rather than stem from exposure to the inhuman Terrigen nebulae, Kamalas Ms. Marvel forces come from a bracelet of as yet unknown origin, which the trailer shows her putting on. It may be that this artifact will provide another link to Captain Marvel in the future. While MCU Kamala Khan’s Power and Origin is clearly different from her comic book counterpart, but that will not take away from how cool and important a character she is, and that should actually help her when it comes to fitting into the MCU.

Considering Inhuman is a failure that Marvel Studios’ movies and Disney +’s TV series are unlikely to formally acknowledge as part of the MCU, and it makes a lot of sense to change Ms. Marvel’s powers and origins. Kamala Khan is poised to become one of the most prominent new heroes from MCU Phase 4 onwards, and there is currently no benefit in adapting her comic strip to the inhuman. While MCU fans are shouting for Netflix series like vovehals and ABCs Agents from SHIELD to be formally recognized as part of the mainline MCU, there is no such desire Inhuman. There’s way too much at stake Ms. Marvel to saddle Kamala Khan with a link to Inhuman, and it’s a smarter move to change Ms. Marvel, so it better suits the MCU, which means a whole new origin and power set for Kamala Khan.

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