Moon Knight Producer explains why each episode is longer than most MCU shows

Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis explains why the six-episode Marvel series has longer episodes than other MCU shows at Disney +.

Knights of the Moon‘s producer explained why each episode is longer than other MCU shows. Knights of the Moon Oscar Isaac stars as Marc Spector / Moon Knight, a former soldier with dissociative identity disorder which is assigned to the powers of an Egyptian moon god. The show also stars Ethan Hawke as the main villain, Arthur Harrow, and a supporting role, including May Calamawy, F. Murray Abraham, Gaspard Ulliel and Fernanda Andrade.

Knights of the Moon is expected to feature more characters from the comics, which will help build the foundation for the character in MCU. The show will also not shy away from the hero’s diverse identities, including his aliases of Marc Spector, Steven Grant and Mr. Knight, who all shapes the character while dealing with his dissociative identity disorder. Isaac said it recently Knights of the Moon will meet a true “integration journey” in dealing with the different identities.


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Knights of the Moon will have a reasonable time to do so, with Executive Producer Grant Curtis explaining it Collider Why Knights of the Moon has much longer episodes than the standard MCU show, which comes in at about 50 minutes each for the 6-episode miniseries. Curtis explains that Moon Knight’s rich history and complex story lines from over 40 years of comics gave showrunners a significant challenge in choosing what to customize. This rich story meant deciding what not to put in instead of deciding what would fit, leaving a lot of room for the show to continue to grow beyond the first season. Here is Curtis’ full explanation:

From what you know about this amazing character dating back to 1975 in Werewolf By Night and then 1980, for his own series, over the years, through the decades, there are so many complex storylines that we were able to choose from. So many complex themes to choose from that we really had trouble sticking to 45 minutes, give or take, per. episode. Because what the writers, pencil artists, and artists were capable of over the years was fascinating and entertaining, and it presented a very rich, complex character. And the real challenge of this was not what to add, but unfortunately what to take away. And the beautiful thing about it is that all that is still left, and then there are some, with this character, that I think the fans will enjoy this tour as we take them on, and they want to see more .

Moon Knight broods with the full moon behind it in the Disney + Moon Knight series

Previous MCU shows at Disney + have switched between 30 – 50 minutes, give or take a few minutes, depending on the needs of the episode. With most MCU shows hovering around six episodes, they play more like extended movies than a standard episodic series (except WandaVisionwho really played with the TV format). Knights of the Moon may be the longest MCU show to hit Disney + yet, as Curtis indicates they had an important story to tell. Of course, the feature film length continues to grow, with Spider-Man: No Way Home runs 2 hours and 28 minutes and Batman clocks in at 2 hours and 56 minutes, which counteracts the general trend of 90 – 120 minutes. So if Knights of the Moon feels like an oversized movie, its running time is adapted to the latest trends.

Longer section of Knights of the Moon makes sense given the length of 6 episodes as the series has a lot of work to do to establish the complex world of Knights of the Moon. Although he may seem like a simple character on the surface, Knights of the Moon has always been a more intricate hero with a much stranger and darker twist than the audience might think. Egyptian gods, dissociative identity disorder, werewolves, cult leaders, etc., constitute much more than a serum or armor to explain the character’s basic concept. While this does not necessarily mean that the character is better, it does mean that a little extra time can help viewers understand and appreciate who Knights of the Moon is and how he fits into the MCU.

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