Mohali MC sees great drama over land allocation to cattle ranchers

Great drama was observed at the meeting of the Municipal Corporation House after opposition advisers raised technical questions regarding the allocation of land to cattle ranchers in area 91-74.

When the meeting began around noon, opposition advisers led by Gurmeet Kaur objected to the MC’s decision to allot 3.54 acres of land near the landfill. The councilors demanded that the MC should allocate the land to ranchers on a permanent basis.

Opposition councilors objected that they wanted a response from the mayor, not councilors. Congressional advisers showed signs showing stray cattle in an attempt to highlight the threat of cattle roaming the city.

In the meantime, the resolution was passed unanimously to provide rentable land for owners of livestock and pet ranchers.

Municipal company commissioner Kamal Garg proposed an amendment to the resolution to lease the land instead of a lease which was accepted.

No male opposition adviser attends the meeting
Advisers from the Azad group, including Sukhdev Singh Patwari and Harpreet Singh Samana, who first raised the issue of land allocation, did not reach the meeting. The councilors had taken the lead and raised the issue. The Azad group, which has 13 advisers in the MC house, raised the issue of land allocation, calling it a scam.

Apart from this, another agenda item regarding the development of a children’s park with JCT as part of the Amrut mission and for the development of a park in phase 9 of the industrial zone also been adopted.
After the meeting, Mayor Amarjit Singh Jeeti Sidhu, while answering questions from the media, said he would ensure that opposition and ruling party advisers do not create a din
to the House but address
the chair.