Mohali district notified 95% of its dengue cases in 45 days

With more than 800 cases of dengue reported in the district, Mohali has become notorious again. However, no cases were reported on Sunday.

According to doctors, about 95% of the total cases reported this year have been in the past and a half months, which worries the health department.

“About 350 cases were reported last month, along with eight deaths. This is a huge number, as the Ministry of Health is still dealing with the effects of Covid-19, ”an official said.

Officials also added that most of the cases have been reported in Mohali (town) which has become an epicenter of the spread. One official said: “We have identified the vulnerable spots, especially the chic areas like Phases VII and IV, and MC (Municipal Corporation) teams have started to scramble those areas.”

Asked why the disease is spreading in these areas, a health official said that as many paid accommodation is located in these areas.
areas, tenants use desert coolers. A number of larvae were found in the coolers. Fr