Minx is Jake Johnson’s best chance to escape New Girl’s Shadow

After New Girl, Jake Johnson was typecast as Nick Miller. But Johnson’s new show Minx is a chance for him to escape the shadow of the New Girls.

Minxthe new comedy series streamed on HBO Max is Jake Johnson’s best chance to escape New girl‘s shadow. Since New girl ended, Johnson has been successful in appearing on a variety of projects. However, Minx is precisely the show that helps Jake Johnson become known as more than Nick Miller and get rid of the typecasting that has plagued him since that role.

Minx, set in 1970s Los Angeles, focuses on the young feminist Joyce (Olivia Lovibond), who has ambitions to start a magazine focusing on feminist issues. However, no publisher will accept her proposal until she meets Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson), who owns a small business that publishes dirty magazines. He loves helping Joyce, but with a catch: he wants the magazine to include full-frontal spreads of male nudity as well. These unlikely partners continue to create the first erotic magazine for women, Minxpossibly inspired by the true story of the European magazine Suck.


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Jake Johnson became popular with the audience as the dull, lazy, yet lovable Nick Miller New girl, but Minx is the project Johnson’s career needs because it breaks him out of the form he’s been molded into. In a recent interview, Johnson revealed that after New girl ended, he would always receive scripts for the same types of characters: “late 30s; has not reached his potential; between jobs; and is just not quite ready for adulthood.“(via Thrillist) Basically, Johnson was asked to play characters similar to Nick Miller. For example on ABCs StumptownJake Johnson played Gray McConnellthere was bartender like Nick in New girl. Even Johnson’s beloved role in Spider-Man: In The Spider-Verse as Peter B. Parker, a sympathetic loser and Miles’ mentor, was a variation of the Nick Miller character, albeit one with superpowers.

However, Minx is something completely different for Jake Johnson. His character, Doug, breaks Nick Miller’s form. Unlike Nick, Doug is very business-oriented; he is interested in working with Joyce on her magazine because he sees women as a new market of readers he has not yet reached. Doug is a bit dingy and cocky, but he has a heart and sees potential in Joyce. He also encourages her to have fun and enjoy the process of creating an erotic magazine. Jake Johnson effortlessly fits into the role, even though it is different from the usual types of characters he plays. Minx is also good for Johnson’s career because it’s one HBO Max showone is allowed to be more mature than New girlallowing Johnson to flex his action muscles in a more adult role.

Minx has already proven to be a fun show with sharp comments on feminism through a 1970s lens, but it has also proven to be the type of project Jake Johnson needs to escape the shadow of New girl. Doug is a distinctive character who breaks away from the Nick Miller form that Johnson had been stuck in after the Fox sitcom ended. Hopefully this show for Hollywood proves that Jake Johnson has the reach to play different varieties of characters in the future.

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Minx publishes new episodes Thursdays on HBO Max.


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