Miles Morales missed a chance to become Marvel’s Captain Puerto Rico

Miles Morales as Captain America is an interesting concept, but Marvel Comics just missed a chance to finally give fans “Captain Puerto Rico.”

Warning: Spoilers for what-if …? Miles Morales is in front.

As Marvel comicsSpider Manand now Captain America, Miles Morales represents on a lovely afro Latin American culture, especially for New Yorkers – the Puerto Rican community in New York City. In a new What if…? Miles Morales cartoon by Cody Ziglar, Paco Medina, Walden Wong, Victor Olazaba, Sean Parsons, Chris Sotomayor and Cory Petit, Miles has just become Captain America. While an enticing concept, Marvel missed an opportunity while naming Miles’ version of “Star-Spangled Man with a Plan”.

IN What if…? Miles Morales # 1, the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, dies in action. Miles’ uncle Aaron manages to keep a vial with him Captain America Super-Soldier Serum in his fridge as a drastic plan to make himself a superhero. But Aaron’s nephew, Miles, ends up drinking the serum instead. This twisted series of events makes Miles a new Captain America.


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While Miles Morales as Captain America makes perfect sense in the comics, Marvel missed out on a unique opportunity to give fans “Captain Puerto Rico.” A few years back, an internet meme spread that Captain America’s costume should technically make him Captain Puerto Rico because of the costume’s sharp resemblance to the Puerto Rican flag. Miles definitely has what it takes to be a different version of Captain America. But because so many characters have taken up the mantle before (Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, etc.), Miles’ view of the iconic superhero may not be so memorable. Transforming Miles into Captain Puerto Rico would celebrate his Boriqua legacy and make him a more original character. In addition, it would give Marvel Comics a chance to recognize the widespread meme.

There is a misconception among some fans about the history of Captain America’s costume and the flag of Puerto Rico. A very widespread fan site post suggested that because Captain America’s creation happened in 1941, Puerto Rico may have gotten the idea for their flag from a comic book superhero. It is true that Puerto Rico took over the design as the island’s official flag in 1952. However, the first use of the design dates back to 1892, when Puerto Rico’s Revolutionary Committee reversed the colors of Cuba’s flag as a pro-independent movement from Spain. The Cuban flag, designed in 1848, is nearly 100 years older than Captain America. So to be perfectly clear, the Puerto Rican flag does not originate from Captain America.

While another version of Captain America is amazing, it may have been more original to look at Miles Morales become the world’s first captain Puerto Rico. Miles Morales’ Puerto Rican culture gets occasional highlights, especially when Rio Morales shows up, but there is no definitive story that completely observes the young Spider Mans Latin American heritage. So far, Puerto Rican comic book fans looking for prominent representation can enjoy it Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez La Borinqueña.

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