Michelle visits Clayton at the mansion in the deleted scene

In a deleted scene now shared online, Michelle Young visits Clayton Echard just before the start of his journey on The Bachelor season 26.

Michelle Young visited Clayton Echard at the Bachelor Mansion in a deleted scene from The bachelor season 26, which has now been shared online. A lot of changes were introduced during the premiere of Clayton’s season compared to recent seasons in Bachelor franchise. First, season 26 finally marked a return to the traditional Bachelor Nation, after many seasons were filmed in different locations due to COVID-19 security protocols.

Another big change for Clayton’s season was the replacement of longtime host Chris Harrison with new host Jesse Palmer. For the past two seasons of The bachelor, former executives Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe took over as hosts. However, it was always made clear that a new host for the flagship would be announced The bachelor series premiered in 2022. Last but not least, season 26 had to contend with that viewers was not overly invested in Clayton as a lead since he was chosen by the producers before Michelle’s season was even broadcast.


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ABC has now released a deleted scene from Clayton’s season where his former love interest Michelle Young visited him at the Bachelor Mansion to give him some advice and support. In the video (see below), Clayton visited the mansion for the first time and spent some time by the pool in the backyard. Then Michelle walked into the backyard and surprised Clayton with cheerful greetings and a warm hug. Clayton asked Michelle how she was feeling, but she quickly turned the table towards him and asked how he was feeling instead. After Clayton expressed that he felt both excited and nervous about begins his journey The bachelor, Michelle happily announced that this process worked for her after all. Michelle then showed Clayton the engagement ring on her hand, which surprised him but also made him smile.

Later in the video, Michelle brought out two young children – Kelsey and Luke – whom Clayton had met in her season of The bachelor. They offered some fun dating advice to Clayton and also answered some of his questions. Given the various changes introduced at the premiere of season 26, and all the drama related to Salley Carson’s latest wedding plans at the beginning of the episode, it makes sense why this interaction between Clayton and Michelle should be interrupted for time. That said, their conversation was great more entertaining and relevant to Clayton’s journey than certain stories in the episode. Thus, it is at least good that this scene was shared with Bachelor Nation anyway.

It is not surprising that Michelle supported Clayton so much and offered him good advice. In return, it was good for viewers to see Clayton get a full end from his relationship with Michelle, as he was to begin filming his season so soon after the production of Michelle’s season ended. Clayton’s story continues The bachelor has just gotten started and fans are looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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The bachelor season 26 airs Monday night at 7 p.m. 20.00 ET / PT on ABC.

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