Michael Keaton talks about why he did not star in Batman forever

After starring in two successful Batman movies, Michael Keaton explains why he did not return to director Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever.

Michael Keaton has explained why he did not return for Batman forever. The actor played brilliantly Bruce Wayne and his Caped Crusader alter-ego in Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 and Batman returns in 1992. For many, he is still the definitive live-action version of the DC hero, despite well-received sequels, such as Christian Bale and Ben Affleck’s iterations from The Black Knight the trilogy and the DCEU, respectively. Keaton could have continued to play Batman past his second film as the cartoon character, but he did not when he chose to withdraw Batman forever, directed by Joel Schumacher.


It’s no secret that Keaton loved his time as Bat of Gotham; decades after he hung his cloak and cloak up, he goes on to refer to his stay as the iconic character with such joy and pride. Several times he expressed that he was open to dressing up as the DC superhero. Fortunately, through Warner Bros. ‘ budding cartoon multiverse, he gets the chance to do just that. The actor is confirmed in repeating his role as Batman and Andy Muschietti’s Lightning and HBO Max Bat girl movie. But if he really liked playing the role, why did he refuse to make a third Batman film ind Batman forever?

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In a recent interview with In the envelope: The actor’s Podcast (via CBR), Keaton goes in depth to explain why he did not star in the Schumacher-directed film. It boiled down to creative differences as the director wanted to go a different path than what he and Burton previously did in his two Batman movie. Schumacher did not like to lean on the dark side of Bruce Wayne and wanted to focus more on his superhero alter ego, which did not fall into good soil with Keaton. Unfortunately, the couple could not find a middle ground, so the actor decided to walk away from the project. Read what Keaton said below:

“It was always Bruce Wayne. It was never Batman. For me, I know the name of the movie is Batman, and it’s hugely iconic and very bold and [a] culturally iconic and because of Tim Burton, artistically iconic. I knew from the start that it was Bruce Wayne. That was the secret. I never talked about it. [Everyone would say] Batman, Batman, Batman is doing this, and I kept thinking to myself, “You’re all thinking wrong here.” [It’s all about] Bruce Wayne. What kind of person does it? … Who will it be? What kind of person [does that]? “

“And then the instructor who directed the third [came on] I said, ‘I just can not do that.’ And one of the reasons I could not do that was – and you know, he’s a nice enough man, he’s dead, so I would not speak ill of him even if he was alive – he, on a time, after more than a few meetings where I kept trying to rationalize doing so and hopefully persuading him to say I think we do not want to go in that direction, I think we should go in this direction. And he would not budge. “

“I remember one of the things that I went away and said, ‘Oh boy, I can not do this.’ He asked me, ‘I do not understand why everything should be so dark and everything so sad, ‘and I said,’ Wait a minute, do you know how this guy became Batman? Have you read … I mean, it’s pretty simple. ‘”

Batman forever

It’s not the first time Keaton opened up to screw down Batman forever. In 2017, he was actually more lethargic when he talked about what went down and said the movie “sucked” and it “The script was never good.” He also mentioned his problem with Schumacher’s intentional tone for the film – something he doubled in his recent commentary on the matter. But even though Keaton is not so honest in his new interview, he actually talks more about it, giving everyone a better idea of ​​why he thought it was best not to force the question and go Batman forever. The role of Caped Crusader eventually went to Val Kilmer, but unlike the Burton films, it was not well received. It only got worse with Schumacher’s next DC movie, Batman and Robin with George Clooney in the lead role, which was critically panned and typically used as a punchline when talking about Batman movie.

Now Keaton is ready for his DC movie comeback by repeating his role as Batman in both Lightning and Bat girl. It may have taken a long time since he was scrapped Batman forever appearance, but the fact that he’s dressing up as Caped Crusader after all this time is enough to excite fans. Other than that, he is too plays the villain, Vulture, in Marvel and Sony Spider Man movies where his next appearance is in Morbius.

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Source: In the envelope: The actor’s podcast (via CBR)

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