Mega Mansion Hunters, Channel 4, Review: Selling Sunset meets Towie

After the bad boy who became businessman Tyron Ash and his eponymous real estate agents, Mega Mansion Hunters was nicely down the heel and impossibly hopeful – a cursive Live, Laugh, Love character that came to life; Selling Sunset meetings Towie.

After being sentenced to 40 months in prison for trafficking in cocaine in 2015, Ash borrowed £ 1,000 from his mother to set up a real estate agent and make a name for himself against all odds.

Now the most followed luxury real estate agent on Instagram – “this is my office”, he said, waving his mobile phone – Ash has sold property for almost £ 300 million through his agency in just 18 months.

From his cars to his clothes, it was not hard to watch last night’s opening episode where the money had run out and Ash’s team of agents were just as picture-perfect.

Dressed as if they could be sent on a club trip at any time, these competitive twenty-somethings were accustomed to earning conspicuous sums – but with income based on commission only, the competition was fierce and the stakes high.

The episode focused on the warring agents Sophie and Alex, both just a buyer away from their cut of multimillion-pound sales. Things did not look so good for Sophie, who had fallen from Ash’s good grace after taking time out to recover after a Brazilian rumble lift while Alex climbed up the ranks of the agency.

Ash’s team of hopeful agents was picture perfect (Photo: Channel 4)

Sophie struggled to redeem herself and brought a client to Alex’s IPO – a controversial move that ultimately proved fruitless, but which was the perfect excuse for a showdown over cocktails.

Reality TV with the faintest tinge of reality, the show not only looked like Instagram – it also felt like scrolling through it. If you do not ask too much of it, Mega Mansion Hunters will return the service and demand very little from you: very filtered fun.

Mega Mansion Hunters continues on Wednesday, February 16 at 10pm on Channel 4

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