Meet Taylor Patrick, FL Fitness Instructor

Taylor Patrick is a bad boy from Florida who is ready to escape from old controlling relationships and shake things up as a single on Temptation Island.

Taylor Patrick is with Temptation Island from Pompano Beach, Florida, and he’s more than ready for a good time. Temptation Island season 4 is back to its normal planning after a pandemic break between season 2 and 3. With brand new couples and singles, fans are embarking on a dramatic trip.

Taylor describes herself on his USA bio som “the ultimate life of the party with a big heart.” He tends to rock a grunge look with ripped jeans and long locks. It looks like though Temptation Island the producers cleaned up a bit in Taylor. While promoting the show on his Instagram, Taylor joked, “I look like my mom dressed me up for pictures in senior year, but you should tell your mom she needs to see.” The proud father of a beautiful dog is not a fan of controlling dynamics or relationships. Taylor hopes to change the narrative as a single guy on Temptation Island.


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As a 25-year-old, the native Pompano Beach is ready to shake things up when it comes to his approach to his relationships.


Taylor works as a fitness instructor and it is seen on his bulging legs and upper body.


Taylor keeps his Instagram to a minimum with an occasional trip to the club, but focuses primarily on exercise and fun in the sun. He shares a lot of Caesar salads, parfait bowls and photos of himself as he drives around Florida. The main posts are a moody photo shoot on the roof with Taylor in all black and videos of Taylor enjoying a hookah night with her Temptation Island teammates. If Taylor did not find the love of a member of the couple, he might be able to light something with one of them Temptation Island single ladies in the real world. Taylor also posted a picture in front of a production trailer in which he wrote, “They put my name on a trailer because I’m garbage.” The best content on Taylor’s Instagram is undoubtedly a video of a puppy waddling in the back of a boat to witness some magnificent wakeboarding on the Florida coast. For anyone worried that the puppy might fall off, Taylor followed the story with a video in which he apologizes for the tremor.

With a love of fun and the ability to spread a bad rumor, Taylor can create trouble in season 4. Fans of the show can catch Taylor’s Temptation Island debut on March 16th at 22.00 EST and will hopefully bring their mothers to attend the party at Taylor’s request.

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Sources: USA, Taylor Patrick/ Instagram

Temptation Island premieres on March 16 at 22.00 EST in the USA.

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