Matrix’s powerful fight in Sifu has Neo getting revenge on Smith

Modders has turned the stylish beat-em-up game Sifu into what looks like a brand new Matrix game that has Neo in battle against countless Agent Smiths.

New mods have transformed the smooth martial arts gameplay Sifu into a new one Matrix games that fans have been wanting for years. Third-person beat-em-up was one of the most anticipated games of the year that met the hype of many fans. Sifu was praised for its easy-to-pick-up operating options and challenging levels. But after defeating the game’s main story, many players felt disappointed that the game did not provide more to accomplish. To remedy this, some modders have changed the PC version of the game to create some fascinating results.

Modders have been able to repair broken games and breathe new life into others where players want more content. Their work has created new content that has led to thousands of hours of enjoyment for players around the world. Sifu have seen some creative mods that have turned the game’s main character into different characters to use a variety of martial arts against hordes of enemies. Thanks to mods, players can play through Sifu as grades as Batman or Elden Rings Director Hidetaka Miyazaki, thanks to these mods. However, a small collection of mods has changed both the game’s hero and villains to transform Sifu to a new experience many Matrix fans have been waiting for.


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A small batch of Sifu mods have transformed the fast-paced fighter into a new one Matrix games that allow fans to play the epic rematch between Neo and Agent Smith. Geoff Keighley has put a trailer off Sifu Matrix mods on its Twitter, which is so good that it could easily fool many into believing that a new one Matrix games exist. Mods reskin Sifu’s the main character as Neo, and every enemy in the game now resembles Agent Smith.

That Sifu courage is a clear nod to the influence that The Matrix drawn from kung-fu movies. With the recent release of a fourth film, The Matrix: Resurrections, many fans hoped that revived passion for the franchise could result in a new game. People who were lucky enough to buy a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X were able to download a great demo titled The matrix wakes up. The incredible display of what the Unreal 5 game engine is capable of, and amazing action sequences impressed players as much as it teased.

Keanu Reeves said he would make a new one Matrix games, but there has been no news of a follow-up to games like The matrix wakes up or The Matrix: Path of Neo. If a project could one day combine the amazing images seen in Matrix wakes up demo and the buttery battle of Sifuit would make fans of both franchises very happy.

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Sifu is available on PlayStation 4, PS5 and Windows.

Source: Geoff Keighley / Twitter

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