Manga characters receive their own Oscar awards from BookLive

The Magademy Awards were established to celebrate the manga characters that have had the biggest impact on fans over the past year. Which grades win?

To promote and celebrate manga while promoting artistic creativity in the manga industry, Japanese electronic bookstore and e-book distributor BookLive is hosting its inauguration Magademy Awards. The winners will be announced next week. Modeled after the world-famous Oscar ceremonies, which also take place later this month, the Magademy Awards were created for recognize expertise in manga but also promote and promote the development of the industry by drawing attention to manga characters and the fans whose support strengthens their popularity.

BookLive is an independent electronic bookstore and digital book distributor based in Tokyo. It has one of the largest selections of manga, including shonen manga, seine manga and shojo manga, in Japan.


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In this first award ceremony, the awards will focus on four main categories, namely best male and female lead role in a manga, and best male and female supporting role. The characters in the competition for each prize were nominated by fans between December and January via the dedicated website which BookLive created for the prices. Fans were able to pick their favorites from the entire range of manga genres. The top five voters for each category were included in the award ceremony.

Like the Oscars, the creators of the Magademy Awards hope make it an annual event where the focus is entirely on the characters. The idea is that although manga creators may be the essential element, as it is the manga characters and their interaction with the fans that make or destroy a manga, the celebration of the characters’ gift to fandom has been long awaited. In the words of the creators of the award, its purpose is to commemorate the manga characters who encouraged, enriched and added excitement to the lives of manga lovers everywhere.

Nominations for the awards are based on comics released between December 1, 2020 and November 30, 2021. In addition to giving fans a chance to participate, the awards also provide insight into which manga has captured the hearts and minds of the public during of the last year.

The nominees for the award for best actor include Attack on TitanEren Yeager, Yowamushi pedal‘s Sakamichi Onoda, Do not say mystery‘s Totonu Kuno, Space Brother‘s Nanba Mutta, and Ranking of kings‘Bodge. For the award for best actress, the nominees include Lover Cinderella‘s Hayame Katsuragi, Uruyashi’s Evening Moon‘s Yoi Takiguchi, Freeren of Funeral Freeren, Apotekets Apotheker‘s Cat Cat, and Jonah from Jonah of Dawn.

The nominees for best supporting actress are, among others The fable‘s Yoko Sato, Yu Takahashi from Tomorrow I’m someone’s boyfriendand Chihayafuru‘s Shinobu Wakamiya. For best male supporting role is among the nominees Levi Ackerman from Attack on TitanCake from Ranking of kings, Manjiro Sano from Tokyo Revengersand Detective Conan‘s Toru Amuro.

The winners of BookLive‘s first Magademy Awardswhich will be selected by a special judging panel composed of a select panel of manga experts, critics and industry insiders will be announced at a special event on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

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