Malia Obama is in the writer’s room of Donald Glover’s new Amazon show

Malia Obama is part of the author’s room for an upcoming show run by Atlanta creator Donald Glover, part of his overall deal with Amazon.

Malia Obama is reportedly part of the author’s room for a future Amazon show run by Donald Glover. The eldest daughter of former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, Malia has steadily worked her way up the ladder in Hollywood, even before her graduation from Harvard last year. Prior to working with Glover, Obama had an internship at HBO in 2015 and worked on Girls and in 2017 work for the now defunct Weinstein Company. She also worked as a production assistant on the Halle Berry sci-fi drama Preserving.

About Vanity Fairmost details in the show are still hidden, but the series is centered around a “Beyoncé-type” character and has the working title Hive. The show is part of a larger deal Glover made with Amazon in 2021. Glover praised Obama’s work ethic. Atlanta season 3 premiered and said, “She is like an amazingly talented person. She is really focused and she works really hard.“In addition, he continues to praise her writing style and sets out on a fruitful career ahead of the writer. In the space with Obama and Glover is his younger brother, Atlanta co-author and executive producer Stephen Glover, who had this to say about working with Obama.


“Donald always says that perspective is important and people with different perspectives are important to a writer’s room. And definitely, she definitely has a unique perspective on everything. So we wanted to hear her stories and have her work with us. That Listening to her stories and having her involved really gave us a lot of great ideas. “

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While some people may condemn that nepotism had a finger in her hiring, there is no doubt that Glover is right and Obama has a fascinating and unique perspective on the world. She is committed to growing up in the White House, as she did, and being introduced to a more global perspective at such a young age. If nothing else, it will be exciting to see what comes out of her collaboration with the Glovers and the fusion of their worldview.

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