Male competitors who should return to compete again

These male cast members from The Challenge have been out of the game for a while and it’s high time they make a comeback and compete again.

Competing on The challenge is extremely demanding, but even though these cast felt the need to take a break from the show, now is the perfect time for them to return. There have been many fan favorites over the years and it is these competitors who have struck so much and impressed the viewers so much that there are many who hope to see them in the program again soon.

One of the best thing about The challenge is that many cast members return season after season. Viewers really get to know the competitors and their strengths and weaknesses – not to mention their alliances and rivals. The actors can make or break a season and there are several competitors that fans would love to see return to the show.


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Some of these Challenge stars have a long history in the competition, while others have appeared in relatively few seasons. But they all have the certain skills, charisma and potential that make them an excellent addition to any season they are on. It’s the cast that will be competing next season.

Johnny bananas

Johnny bananas

Bananas are the most decorated champion in Challenge history with an impressive seven victories under belt. He went out with a bang on Total madness and intended that it should be his retirement. However, with CT Tamburello’s recent success, it is a proof that the best days of the OG champions are not necessarily behind. Johnny is an astute player whose success is due in equal parts to hard work and luck. Johnny is a great addition to the show and he has hinted that he might return to the competition.

Jordan Wiseley

Jordan Wiseley The Challenge

Jordan has secured three victories and many see him as one of the best competitors to adorn the show. He has pulled incredible wins in daily challenges and elimination challenges, and while he certainly has a cocky attitude, Jordan has the abilities to back it up. The last season he appeared on was Total madness and now would be a good time for him to compete again. Jordan may be hesitant to return because his ex-fiancé Tori Deal is still very active in the game. But if there was another Battle of the Exes season, he and Tori would definitely dominate.

Gábor “Gabo” Szabó

Gabo Szabó The Challenge

Gabo became a fan favorite on Spies, lies and allies for his positive attitude and funny moments. He reportedly did not prepare for the season because he believed The challenge the goods Jersey Shore-style party show. So imagine how well he could do if he actually trained for the competition. Gabo also made many friends with both beginners and veterinarians who could help him get far. He’s generally very entertaining on the show and would be a great addition to next season’s cast.

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Theo Campbell

Theo Campbell The Challenge

Although he has only competed for two seasons, War of the Worlds 1 and 2, Theo made a big splash on both. He developed a reputation as a strong competitor, but it often put a goal on its back. On WOTW, beginners dominated the final, and Theo managed to become number two. There may be some bad blood between him and the show, but Theo was one of the most promising rookies The challenge Viewed this year. Should he return, Theo has the potential to become a legend.

Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain The Challenge

Ashley showed up WOTW and showed very promising, but after that season he has had some tough years. His daughter died of leukemia just 8 months old, and Ashley’s heart and spirit were understandably broken. But he has worked hard to get up again and is passionate about doing something meaningful with his life to honor his daughter’s memory. Ashley showed a lot of promise below WOTW in terms of strength and endurance, and he would have a great chance of making serious money by winning finals in another season.

Turabi ‘Turbo’ Çamkiran

Viewers were blown away Turbo performance i WOTW. Many rookies that season surpassed the vets, but no one impressed their competitors and fans like Turbo did. He seemed to have endless stamina and won his very first season. But his time on The challenge was not long and he was kicked off the show WOTW2 for his aggression against his teammate Jordan. But if Turbo has calmed down in its years away from The challenge (doubtfully), he could really win some winnings if he were to return.

Landon Lueck

Landon Lueck The Challenge

There are many Challenge fans who will claim that Landon is one of the best players who has ever competed on the show. He has not appeared in nearly as many seasons as Somebody else Challenge champs, but his performance in the few seasons he was in was incredibly impressive. Landon won three of the four seasons he was on, and in addition to winning the final, he also ruined the competition in daily challenges and eliminations. Many fans had hoped that Landon would be enticed to join the latter All stars seasons, but so far he has shown no sign of wanting to return.

Frank Sweeney

Frank Sweeney The Challenge

Frank is a bona fide Challenge champion after his team won The blow of the seasons. Although he is not the most well-liked cast member, by his co-stars or by viewers, his last appearance on the show was anti-climactic, and Frank deserves another shot. There were high hopes for Frank Free agents, but he was disqualified a few weeks inside the competition after being deemed medically unfit to continue. It was an unsatisfactory end to one promising career on The challengeso it would be interesting to see him return to the show and see how far he could get against some of the current top competitors.

Although some of these cast have not competed further The challenge in many seasons there are many reasons why each of them should consider getting back in the game. Some of them may be a little rusty, but they can still kill the competitors if they should return.

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