LLB student rape case: Vadodara court sends main accused CA to 9 days in police custody

The AC, who was also charged with forcing the survivor to form physical relationships with “investors” while working with him as an intern for the land link, failed a power test – a procedure mandatory for all rape accused – conducted at Gotri Medical College and SSG Hospital. He will now be taken to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for further testing.

The main accused was arrested Thursday evening from Palitana, 19 days after the FIR was filed at Gotri police station on September 19.

Vadodara police had requested 14 days in custody from the CA on the grounds that investigators needed to recover the spy camera allegedly installed in the survivor’s room to film the act as well as to investigate whether he had also forced the victim to establish physical relations with other investors, including the co-accused who was a former administrator of a temple in Pavagadh. The court accepted the grounds and granted nine days in police custody until October 16. Police, however, have yet to begin investigating the CA as he was under a potency test from the time of his arrest.

DS Chauhan, deputy commissioner of police, told The Indian Express that police spent about nine hours attempting to take semen samples from the accused. “We referred him first to Gotri hospital, then to SSG hospital. But doctors were unable to collect his semen sample. Sometimes it can be due to anxiety and stress that the accused fails the potency test. In this case, the accused is also elderly. We will now take him to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital for testing, ”Chauhan said.

He added that the police were also tracking various places where the AC had taken refuge during the 19 days he was on the run. The accused told police he was traveling in rented taxis from town to town as he escaped arrest.

A total of three defendants have been held in the case so far, including the CA and the former temple trustee.

The third defendant, a city businessman, allegedly helped the second defendant to escape and tried to negotiate a settlement with the survivor after the incident. All of the accused were convicted under IPC Sections of sexual harassment, assault or use of criminal force with intent to undress, rape by a parent, guardian or teacher or person in a position of trust or confidence. authority over woman, rape by a man in a position of control or domination over a woman, repeatedly raping the same woman, unnatural sex, injuring with poison, willfully injuring, criminal intimidation and crime in the presence of an accomplice.