Kyle Richards says that RHOBH season 12 had ‘Drama from day one’

Kyle Richards opens up about the filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 and revealed that there was ‘drama from day one’.

Kyle Richards opens up about filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 and revealed that there was’drama from day one. ‘ There were a lot of unfinished business to sort out among the season 11 crew. When the producers chose to bring everyone back, the strife was carried over into the new season. There have been reports that Kathy Hilton left a girl’s trip and that Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne may drop out. As the season 12 premiere gets closer, Kyle teases the spectacle that fell as the cameras began to roll.

Kyle, Lisa, Erika, Garcelle Beauvais, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff make a comeback with Kyle’s oldest sister Kathy Hilton returning in a girlfriend role. Newcomer Diana Jenkins and Sheree Zampino was added to the mix where Sheree is real best friends with Garcelle. Erika was in the hot seat last season due to her alleged involvement in Tom Girardi’s embezzlement. Her defensive stance led to a series of clashes with the ladies. While Lisa stood by Erika’s side, hints have shown that the tide may have turned while he was filming season 12. Garcelle also ended up in a tough affair with Lisa and Dorit and opened up to feeling like a black sheep. But with her friend attending the show, Gsrelle wants some backup.


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Kyle recently told what it was like to film the new season and why she agrees with Andy Cohen that the season 12 premiere is “the best first episode” he has ever seen. “This year, so much happened to everyone right out of the gate that it was just automatic drama from day one,“Kyle said People. Between Erika’s ongoing legal problems, Dorit as the victim of an invasion of the home and Lisa’s family losing her beloved mother Lois, there was much for the producers to work with. While Erika is in the middle of serious legal and financial issues, Kyle says fans will get to see a different side of her in season 12. “You will see a much lighter side of her, a much more open one side of her, “ Kyle divided.

Kyle Richards in a maroon hat talks to Lisa at RHOBH

With all the “crazy“life events the ladies faced during the filming,” says Kyle “crazy life makes good tv i think.“Kyle is known for avoiding the drama, and her sister Kathy does not entertain it at all. There have been reports of things going back during the cast trip to Aspen, and Kathy tried to.”Go out“While filming the trip, Kathy left a seemingly hectic comment on Rick Hilton’s Instagram post asking her husband to”Please call me, I need to get out of here now !!!!!“A local ran into the ladies at a coffee shop and tweeted that”some s – t went down clearly.“The already existing tension between RHOBH cast most probably led to quite a few showdowns among the ladies.

Garcelle and Sutton have been the most vocal about Erika’s accusations, and the “Pretty Mess” singer made sure they felt her anger. Lisa’s loyalty to Erika rubbed Garcelle the wrong way, and while they made up for the season 11 reunion, Garcelle probably said her opinion when she recorded season 12. When Diana and Sheree are added to the mix, the beginners will have to choose a page and stick to it. their own among the alpha females. From the sound of it, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes back with a bang.

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