Karine Staehle allegedly charged with domestic violence

Paul and Karine Staehle from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days have a toxic relationship, but now Karine is charged with alleged domestic abuse.

90 days engaged viewers know Paul and Karine Staehle well for their tumultuous relationship, which has been shown to result in charges and a reported charge of domestic abuse. Paul and Karine performed for the first time 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days. Between the language barrier and the request for an STD test, the relationship got off to a rock-solid start. However, they completed two seasons after 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days where they married in Brazil. Then they performed for a season each 90 Day’s fiance: The other way and 90 day fiancé: Happy in his time? Until their recent split, they were together for over four years.


Last time viewers watched this duo Happily everafter, it did not seem to be going well. Paul was having a hard time supporting his family in Brazil, so they moved to the United States with their son, Pierre. However, Karine was not happy with the transition and needed support from her family. They flew back to Brazil, but soon returned to the United States with even more problems between the two. The two took to Instagram to reveal their drama. As their relationship got worse, they posted several videos revealing unsightly behavior between the two.

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In a video, Karine Paul snatched her hair while screaming that she no longer loved him. In another video, Karine stormed out to the car with their youngest son, Ethan, and Paul later accused her of leaving their infant in the front seat. During their relationship, more videos of 90 days Engaged Karine and Paul have surfaced. In addition, the two have filed suit against each other. It appears the videos may have caught up with Karine as the state of Kentucky reportedly charged her with domestic violence. According to Starcasm, Karine was charged with violence in the fourth degree (domestic violence with a minor injury). This kind of indictment is a misdemeanor.

Karine Staehle martins-pregnant-weight-loss-90 days fiancé

Unfortunately, the court system has no more detailed information besides the charges, the date of the trial and the case number. It is unclear when the charges were filed, but Karine is due to appear in court on April 20. Although viewers do not have the whole story, the videos do not appear to present Karine in the best light.

Overall, many viewers found this pair to be very toxic, and with the way things progressed, it is not very surprising that things have escalated. However, Paul and Karine have two children together, and it does not appear that the two will settle their disagreements soon. In the end, viewers hope the tumultuous 90 days engaged Couples will learn from their mistakes and develop a healthy relationship for the sake of their children and themselves.

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Source: Starcasm

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