Kanye West and Julia Fox watched kissing on Date Night

Kanye West and Julia Fox were spotted kissing on their latest date following Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s recent show.

After several failed attempts to get his estranged wife and Keeping up with the Kardashians alum Kim Kardashian back, Kanye West looks set to finally move on with actress Julia Fox, whom he kissed during their recent date. This happened a few days after ex-boyfriend Kim Kardashian, who has also sunbathed in her beautiful relationship with the new beautiful Pete Davidson, revealed that she does not mind that Kanye is with Julia. In fact, the SKIMS founder is reportedly happy that Kanye is out smiling.

Reports have also revealed that Kim only wants to see Kanye end up with a good spouse. In addition, she is happy for Julia, who has made no secret of the fact that she is a fan of Kim’s family reality TV show. If Julia’s relationship with Kanye continues, Kim believes it will make it easier to be parents with Kanye. It also turns out that Kim is looking forward to having one big happy family. But while Kanye and Julia have been on dates, Kim has also been spotted with comedian Pete. The two were recently seen cuddling while snatching pizza and ice cream Tuesday night at Rite Aid.


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Kim and Pete’s new PDA quickly went viral, and Kanye no doubt got a glimpse of the duo’s public display, which may be the reason for his brave move on actress Julia. The rapper apparently made it clear that he has finally finished asking Kim to return to him he showed some PDA with Julia shortly after, his estranged wife and Pete were discovered enjoying themselves on a date night. According to TMZ, The “Flashing Lights” rapper and Julia visited Delilah in West Hollywood with some of his famous friends. After the two finished at the club and were ready to leave, Kanye gave Julia a big kiss right on her lips.

This is not the first time Kanye and Julia have shown their love in public. On their first date, the couple made a complete photo collage of each other. But their new PDA got a lot of people talking because it was the first time the hip-hop star and Julia kissed in public. Meanwhile, Kanye’s new move has also raised speculation as to whether he’s really fascinated by Julia or has only kissed her to get back to Kim for gets cozy with Pete.

Although it seems that Kanye has finally moved on from Kim, his smooch with Julia may be a plan to get Keeping up with the Kardashians alum’s attention. If so, then one should not expect a serious relationship between him and Julia. But if Kanye is sincerely in love with Julia and wants a relationship with her, one can only wonder how things will unfold in the end. If Kim has reported words that they do not mind that Kanye and Julia are together, then there is probably no problem moving forward. Fans can only watch and wait for new developments to unfold to get a clearer picture.

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Source: TMZ

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