Kanye reportedly promises to get help and stop harassing Kim Kardashian

After months of harassment on social media, Kanye West reportedly promised ex-wife Kim Kardashian that he would stop. The rapper is apparently planning to get help.

Kanye West is reportedly making a pledge to get help and stop harassing ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Kardashians Star was subjected to harassment on social media from her estranged husband for months. Kim’s current girlfriend, comedian Pete Davidsonwas also repeatedly threatened by the rapper.

The rapper’s meltdown on social media saw him cyberbully Pete and attack Kim’s parenting. After insulting comedian Trevor Noah, his Instagram account was closed for 24 hours. Although she initially remained silent about his jokes, Kim reached a breaking point and publicly released a statement about how Kanye hurt their family. The SKIMS founder also believed that her ex-husband’s brief suspension from the social media platform was a reasonable punishment. After weeks of nonstop harassment and posts, Kanye has been pretty quiet on social media recently. According to a new report, this is deliberate, and a promise from him to Kim.


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It tells an anonymous source Page six that Kanye decided he needed to change his ways for the sake of the four children he shares with Kim. The Kardashians insider went on to say “Kanye has told Kim that he is not coming up with any public appearances or inflammatory statements on social media and he wants to go somewhere to get better.” This comes afterwards Kanye’s 2022 Grammy Awards performance was canceled as a result of his nonstop cyberbullying. Although Kanye allegedly promised to go somewhere for help, the source admitted that it was not clear if he was actually planning to go to a place as a treatment facility. At the moment, Ye is reportedly still in Los Angeles, where his children also live. A representative of the Yeezy designer told Page six that Kanye is currently focused on co-parenting with Kim. The rapper’s rep stressed that despite all the drama, Kanye is hoping for a healthy relationship after the divorce with his estranged wife in the future.

Kim has also expressed her hope for a formal co-parenting arrangement with her ex. This comes after months in which Kanye has made inflammatory accusations about their children. Kanye accused Kim of blocking him from Chicago’s birthday party. He went on to claim that his ex kept their children away from him, even after Kim called him out to spread a false story. The musician also slammed her for allowing 8-year-old North to use TikTok. In a series of leaked texts, Pete defended and praised Kim’s parenting to Kanye.

This is not the first time Kanye has promised to change his ways. The artist has previously apologized to Kim for harassment back in February. Only two weeks after that, however, he amplified things with a disturbing music video depicting him beheading Pete. Kanye has also proven to be incredibly stubborn since their separation. For some time, he asked Kim to take him back and refused to proceed with the divorce. It was only recently that he claimed he had finally moved on. While he has been quiet on social media for a while, fans will have to wait and see if his promise to Kim actually holds true this time.

Kardashians premieres this month on Hulu. In the trailer, Kim revealed that Kanye said her career was over. The sneak peek also teased that the mogul will discuss his romance with Pete in the famous family’s upcoming reality show.

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Source: Page six


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