Jodha Akbar actor Manisha Yadav has passed away

TV actor Manisha Yadav died of a brain hemorrhage on Friday, according to reports. She was best known for playing the role of Salima Begum, one of Akbar’s wives, in Balaji Telefilms’ popular historical romantic drama Jodha Akbar.

Paridhi Sharma, who starred as Jodha Bai in the creation Ekta Kapoor, expressed her shock through an Instagram story. She wrote: “This news is so heartbreaking. RIP @manisha_mannu.

Speaking to Times of India, Paridhi revealed that she learned of the tragic news through a WhatsApp group of actresses from the series.

“I wasn’t in constant contact with her after our show came out. But we have a WhatsApp group called Mughals and all of the actresses who were actresses on the show are part of that group. This is how we stay in touch and if something important needs to be shared about someone’s life, we do it on the group. I learned this yesterday in the group and I was shocked, ”she said.

She further said she was particularly saddened by the fact that Manisha had had a baby, photos of which she regularly shared on her Instagram profile.

She added, “Her energy was always high and she was a cheerful person. We had a great time touring together for the show. I remember she was always full of life. To hear of her death is really sad for me and what is even more disturbing is that she has a one year old baby. My heart goes out to his family.