Jason Momoa won’t be joining “The War On Showering” anytime soon

Taking a shower is one of the most basic things you do at least once a day. However, we might know a few who don’t really like getting wet unless it really matters. Recently, there was a strange trend on social media where celebrities were asked if they regularly visit their bathroom. The answers might surprise you. The first instance appears to have been a celebrity couple Mila kunis and Ashton kutcher, who said in a July episode of Dax Shepard “Chair expert”Podcast that they soap only their essential areas each day and just wash their children when they see dirt on them. However, Game Of Thrones Star Jason momoa assured fans that his on-screen affinity for water carries over to his personal hygiene.

The Aquaman actor said Access Hollywood, “I am not launching any trend. I’m showering, trust me. I am Aquaman. I’m in the fucking water. After pointing out his Hawaiian origins, he added: “We got salt water on me. We are good.

His actor friend Dwayne Johnson joined him in declaring himself “the opposite of a “don’t wash” celebrity.

Shower (cold) when I get out of bed to start my day. Shower (hot) after my workout before work, “ the actor of “Jungle Cruise” tweeted. “Shower (hot) after returning from work. Face wash, body wash, exfoliation and I sing (fake) in the shower.

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