James Gandolfini: 10 best movies according to IMDb

Tony Soprano is one of TV’s most iconic characters. James Gandolfini breathed life into him, and many audiences remember only the actor throughout The sopranos. However, Gandolfini has appeared in dozens of feature films over the course of his career.

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Famous movies like Zero Dark Thirty give James Gandolfini some of his highest rated films. Other features like Violet and Daisy are less celebrated. The actor shows his reach in the various roles shown in his filmography. Fans have taken to IMDb to let their voices be heard about James Gandolfini’s best film.

10 Enough said – 7.0

James Gandolfini is known for playing rough personalities, but presents a different kind of character in Enough said. The film tells the story of a divorced masseur, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss Eva, who develops a relationship with one of her divorced clients, Gandolfini’s Albert.

Fans of the movie might want to say that it is cute and simple. They might praise Gandolfini for his ability to play a gentle character in Albert. Others may point to the chemistry of Louis-Dreyfus and Gandolfini as a reason for the film’s higher rating.

9 Fall – 7.0

James Gandolfini with a mustache in front of beer bottles in Fallen.

Gandolfini plays on the legal side of the criminal world in Decreased as a police investigator. The film stars Denzel Washington as detective John Hobbes, who is investigating a murderous rampage in Philadelphia. The murders are wrapped in the occult, and supernatural elements make the killer appear ambiguous and perhaps supernatural.

Gandolfini plays Detective Lou. Lou is a police officer obsessed with a ghost during Hobbes’ investigation. Fans can point to the film’s unique script as part of the reason for its high rating. Some audiences are calling Decreased one of Denzel Washington’s most underrated films.


8 The Last Boyscout – 7.0

last scout

James Gandolfini shows his comedy skills in The last Boyscout. The film is an action comedy. The last Boyscout is not the highest rated buddy cop comedy, but falls into the genre with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans as the stars.

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The last Boyscout has one of Gandolfini’s least developed roles. He plays a henchman and is uncredited in the film. It is only the actor’s second feature film role, but helped lay the foundation for his career in the films.

7 Dropped – 7.1

James Gandolfini in The Drop

The drop is James Gandolfini’s last film, and it was released after his death in the early 2010s. The film shows the criminal world and follows conflicts around a bar in Brooklyn. Gandolfini’s Marvin ‘Cousin Marv’ Stipler stages a robbery in his former bar, which is now run by the mafia.

He and his main bartender, Tom Hardy’s Bob Saginowski, face the consequences. Fans of The drop perhaps saying that Gandolfini shines in the familiar framework of organized crime. Others might say he and Hardy have a great chemistry. Viewers may say that the story is reminiscent of similar tales, but the stars help bring a freshness to the crime thriller.

6 The Mighty One – 7.3

Split screen by James Gandolfini in The Mighty.

The mighty brings the young adult novel Freak The Mighty to life on screen. The story follows two outcasts who struggle to cope with the challenges of high school along with their personal situations. Elden Henson and Kieran Culkin star Maxwell “Max” Kane and Kevin Dillon.

James Gandolfini plays Kenny David “Killer” Kane, the film’s main villain. Kane is Max’s father who kills his mother at a young age and kidnaps his son after trying to get out of jail. Fans of the film may say that it tells a heartbreaking story, and Gandolfini’s diabolical character helps the story hit home.

5 Crimson Tide – 7.3

James Gandolfini dressed up as a navy man in the rain during Crimson Tide.

Crimson Tide places James Gandolfini in a nautical thriller. The action film starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman follows the crew of a US Navy submarine and the tension between crew members on a mission.

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James Gandolfini plays Lieutenant Bobby Dougherty, supply officer aboard the USS Alabama. Gandolfini fans might say that his charisma helps highlight the work of his teammates like Viggo Mortenson. Crimson Tide devotees might say that the film is so highly rated because it presents an intriguing story with amazing performances.

4 In The Loop – 7.4

James Gandolfini dressed as a military man with a glass of champagne in Out Of The Loop.

In Løkken is a satire from the late 2000s. The British film follows several characters with political and military positions in the US and UK as they consider their countries’ involvement in intervention in the Middle East.

James Gandolfini assumes a military role in In Løkken. He plays Lieutenant General George Miller. Fans of the film might say that Gandolfini falls into the role with ease and shows off his comic skills in the famous dark comedy.

3 Zero Dark Thirty – 7.4

James Gandolfini in a suit wearing glasses in Zero Dark Thirty.

Director Kathryn Bigelow brings the audience a political thriller Zero Dark Thirty. The film tells the story of a fictionalized version of the hunt for Osama bin Laden after the events of the 9/11 attacks.

James Gandolfini plays CIA Director Leon Panetta. He is leading discussions with other members of his team in the search for bin Laden. Fans of the film might say Zero Dark Thirty tells a story from real life with heartbreaking suspense and memorable performances from experienced actors.

2 The man who was not there – 7.5

James Gandolfini and Billy Bob Thorton speak in suits in The Man Who Wasn't There.

The man who was not there puts James Gandolfini on the cast with several seasoned actors such as Billy Bob Thorton, Scarlett Johansson and Frances McDormand. Many fans are calling The man who was not there one of the Coen brothers’ best films.

The crime film tells the story of extortion, murder and police investigation. Gandolfini plays “Big Dave” Brewster, one of the film’s antagonists. The black and white film shows Coens’ trademark filmmaking and was well received at the release.

1 True romance – 7.9

Split screen by James Gandolfini in True Romance.

True romance is James Gandolfini’s highest rated film on IMDb. The film precedes The sopranos but places Gandolfini in the role of Virgil, an underboss of the Mafia. The story follows Christian Slater’s Clarence Worley as he evades the mafia after stealing drugs with his wife, Patricia Arquette’s Alabama Whitman.

Gandolfini is among several stars in the film such as Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer and Brad Pitt. Fans of True romance perhaps say that Gandolfini comes to the occasion early in his career, presents skilled work among his collaborators and overshadows his role as Tony Soprano.

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