Jackass 4.5 Deleted scenes teased by Forever Cast

The actors tease Jackass Forever deleted scenes that come in Jackass 4.5, a long collection of new stunts that were not included in the film.

The cast teases Jackass forever deleted scenes to be released in the near future Jackass 4.5. Jackass forever is the latest installment of the long-running stunt / prank series, which began as a show on MTV and eventually became a movie back in 2002. The fourth Jackass comes a full eleven years after the previous post, but proves that the passage of time has not changed Jackass crew a lot. Many of the original stars return again, including Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius and Jason “Wee Man” Acuña to attend dangerous news Jackass forever stuntswhich includes concepts written by Eric André and Spike Jonze, as well as several contributors.


As many fans of the series are used to, the crew will usually share after the release of each film Jackass deleted scenes, which resulted so far in Jackass 1.5, Jackass 2.5, and Jackass 3.5, which have all been feature film lengths. Follow Jackass foreverin cinemas, it has been announced that one Jackass 4.5 on the way. Of course, this did not necessarily surprise any fans, but has aroused great enthusiasm, as stunts shown in the deleted scenes are almost always as wild as the in the official Jackass movie.

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In a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Jackass forever cast members tease what fans can expect from the upcoming Jackass 4.5. Ehren McGhehey says the film will feature a scene that “did the most long-term damage” to his physical being, which says a lot, and McGhehey’s frequent partner, Dave England, is a little more straightforward and says he almost had his “d-ck peeled off.” While Jackass legend Steve-O does not reveal anything that could be found in Jackass 4.5, he admits he had full confidence in Knoxville, Jonze and director Jeff Tremaine to come up with the best editing. See the full quotes below:

McGhehey: There’s a scene in the movie, 4.5, it did the most long term damage to my physical being, and it was not even a movie, so it’s in 4.5. Dave and I both think it’s as good as the movie.

England: I almost ripped my d-ck off …. It could happen to anyone. It’s hard to explain. But there were four people who could have done it, it happened to me and it was worse for me for a strange reason. You see, that was the closest I think I could have really come to tearing my d-ck off. It was almost ripped off. It did not become the movie because there were too many d-cks in the movie. And it was like the first thing we filmed (that day), at nine in the morning. I thought, how is it not in there? And they are like, there are too many.

Steve-O: The creative forces behind Jackass are in fact Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze, and no matter what decisions they come up with as a consensus group, you know, I think historically have always been the right decisions . So no matter what the cut did in each case, that’s what should have made the cut, I really believe in those guys, I think they can make mistakes individually, but when they, all three, agree on something, I think that they are bulletproof.

What is particularly impressive to think about is the fact that everyone involved is talking about what made it Jackass 4.5. If there was enough material to create an extra long film and still have some scenes left out, it certainly makes one wonder what else is waiting to be released out there. With that said, all of them Jackass the cast seems to be quite positive Jackass 4.5 will be something special for fans, and is not to be missed.

It is currently unclear whether Jackass 5 will ever happen, even though many of the original cast are starting to move on for years, so some might consider another film too bad. While fans can never say never when it comes to this cross-border franchise, it may be sometime after Jackass 4.5 that viewers can finally return to the chaos. That Jackass cast has promised something very special too Jackass 4.5, and it is likely that fans will not be disappointed in the slightest.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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