“It is our actions that define who we are”: Cory Booker

Speaking to students at the University of Pennsylvania, author and politician Cory Booker passed on several words of wisdom. “So I confessed to you, when I graduated from college I felt like I knew a lot and now that I’m about double your age, I don’t trust that as much as I know. In fact, I am a person who believes that I am struggling, like all of us. The beautiful thing that I realized is that we are all in this fight together. We perceive that there are differences between us, gaps and chasms, but we are much more united, much more indivisible, much more involved in a larger common struggle than we think ”, he said. declared.

“And so what I would like to do very briefly today is confess to you two things that I struggle with and it’s really two stories, one of someone from history that I admire. and the other is maybe one of my best mentors ever. The person in the story is a short story, I don’t even know if it’s apocryphal or not, but it’s is a point that I am struggling with and it is a story about Mahatma Gandhi, ”he said.

He then spoke about Gandhi, recalling a story he heard and concluded: “In fact, in truth, more than a big speech that you have prepared for yourself, more than a big goal or a big dream, more that a great fight, more than our race, more than our religion, it is our daily actions that define who we are, they define us. I began to learn in my life that perhaps the greatest thing that one can do on any given day is really just a little act of kindness, decency, love, a show of love. moral imagination or creative compassion.

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