Is it going to snow this week? The weather forecast in the UK and where the Met Office says it will snow when temperatures drop

Britain’s hot inconvenience will well and truly come to an end this week, with the possibility of snow in parts of the country.

The temperatures will drop back to the individual numbers after reaching 20ºC last weekand even fall below zero at night.

Sun will be replaced by periods of heavy rain as winter conditions return across the country.

Here is the Met Office forecast for next week.

Is it going to snow this week?

Met Office forecasting chief Alex Burkill said: “Wednesday will be the most extreme in terms of winter weather, as a cold air current will start pushing south, bringing unpredictable wet and windy conditions, even snow or sleet.

“It will be significantly colder than what we have just seen, daytime temperatures drop by half and some areas will even struggle to reach 8ºC, which will mean the biggest change in conditions.”

Parts of Scotland and north-east England are likely to see snow on Tuesday and Wednesday. These winter conditions are likely to remain north, but may spread south.

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What is the Met Office forecast?

Outbreaks of rain will begin to develop on Monday evening, with heavy showers possible, particularly in the south of England and Wales.

On Tuesday, the rain will become clear over the south of England, with fog and low clouds being confined to the east coasts.

Rain will move south over Scotland, followed by colder weather with wintry showers.

The second half of the week will bring colder weather and more turbulent conditions.

Rain and snow will clear up late on Thursday, with winter showers returning mainly to the north and east on Friday.

Burkill said: “During the night until Thursday and Friday, many areas will fall significantly below freezing, towards -4ºC and -5ºC. It looks like most places will be affected; parts of northern England, the northern Wales and central England are expected to be hardest hit.

“This wintry weather could even squeeze into the southern areas of England and Wales, which is not unusual; it is normal to have colder weather in April, but it is far from the sunny, warm days seen last week.”

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