In 5 years, Raj Bala Malik, the “celebrity advisor” of the BJP, does not meet the people and their expectations

Raj Bala Malik of BJP is more like a famous adviser, who has remained inaccessible. The residents of his parish maintain that only his “mode quotient” has progressed these five years, nothing else.

The last time people saw her was when she won the elections in that neighborhood in 2016. Since then, they have never seen her in neighborhood no. 2. She contested and won the Municipal Corporation (MC) election on the Congress ticket in 2011 initially and also remained mayor for a one-year term. Three years later, she joined the BJP.

Malik then won in 2016 on the BJP ticket. She was the councilor for ward no. 1 during the previous quarter, and was deployed from ward no. 2 in 2016.

If there was any development in all these five years, it was just that of Malik herself. His penchant for fashion kept increasing every day. COVID came along and the only thing she did was have a good collection of designer masks.

Area 15 Residents’ Welfare Society president Ravi Kant said they had a really bad time with the counselor because she didn’t care about her constituency. He explained that for five years they kept asking him for steel signs with addresses and now, when the election is due, it is only now that the signs have started being put up.

“She did absolutely nothing. Every time we try to contact her she says she’s in a meeting. She never listens to voters. Either she’ll put our request aside, or she’ll say you meet this official, you meet this official. You have to prevail over the officials. The roads are broken, the parks are in bad shape. Nothing has been done, “he said.

The President added, “Even for a community center reservation, we have to go through her… and it is very difficult to contact her. “

Malik has been contacted several times through messages and calls but has not responded. Its staff were also contacted seven times, but they did not respond. Then Malik was contacted by BJP headquarters, but even then she did not respond. Even the intervention of the head of the city’s BJP, Arun Sood, did not yield any results.
The opposition claims that of all the other BJP advisers, it has remained the most inaccessible. “She never met anyone, even for signatures on a basic document. I remember a poor man struggling to get his signatures which were required for his child’s school problem. Not only that, she even failed to provide basic amenities to residents. She never visits the service, never meets people, never asks about their problems… absolutely nothing, ”said Deipa Asdhir Dubey.
She added, “There are so many dhabas in Sector 15 and this area stinks. There is no proper sewage system and it has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You see it all. Ideally, it’s just Sector 15 and Khuda Lahora that she needs to take care of. Nothing has been done for the sellers. Portals that have been stolen for a year and a half are still missing. The cobblestones in the tracks are all broken.

Residents say that if they somehow ask officials to do the basic work in the neighborhood, they additionally ask to ask the councilor and contact the councilor – it’s a daunting task .

Vicky Kanojia, a resident who has a bookstore in the neighborhood, said he has long asked authorities for the basic pruning of a tree and the pruned leaves were thrown near her store itself. Then, for another two months, Kanojia kept asking officials to take the trimmed leaves, but they either said they didn’t have a cart or asked him to ask the counselor.

Malik is known for her love for luxury brands and diamonds. Advisors keep talking about her collection of costumes and handbags. Prada or Gucci handbags, Swiss watches, Jimmy Choo shoes, shawls, expensive perfumes and solitaires are all conversation topics of the General House.
Malik, who has three daughters and two sons, enjoys traveling abroad very much.

It was in 2020 that Malik was chosen as mayor. The first thing she did at the start of her term was to ask officials to give an already new office a makeover. Walls were raised, partitions were made and slides were introduced during the night.

Mayor Malik told his staff that she didn’t like the concept of an open office like her predecessor Rajesh Kalia did, even called it a “playground”. So, a wooden partition was made in the main office, with two passages – at the entrance and at the exit. A partition was made by also building a wall in the mayor’s rest room.

Meanwhile, residents continue to complain about the potholed roads. In February 2020, Mayor Malik sparked controversy when asked when bad roads would be fixed, she remarked: “Mere ko to abhi tak koi aisi sadak nahi mili, aap batao kahan hai”. At a press conference, he was asked how people can travel safely on the potholed roads. Initially, Malik tried to ignore the question. However, when the media claimed the roads were in poor condition, Malik made the remark. A day later, residents launched a photo-sending campaign to show her that rutted roads persist everywhere. And they mostly do it, even now.

The mandate of mayor of Malik will be remembered as the one where the water tariff was increased by 200%. It wasn’t until later in the year that the BJP met with the then UT administrator and the hike was put on hold until next March.

She had also faced protests from hundreds of safai karamcharis and garbage collectors. Workers protested the MC’s order to wear GPS watches, while garbage collectors protested the civic body’s order to operate its own garbage vehicles. Their other demands included the regularization of contract workers.

In October last year, Malik was embarrassed after advisers from her own party boycotted the online meeting from the house, as their requests for an in-person meeting were denied. A day later, senior party leaders were informed of his non-cooperation as mayor. This incident is etched in the memories of other BJP advisers who used to say that Malik had gotten really rude.

Raj Bala Malik was contacted on her Achievement List but did not respond. Through its Twitter account, The Indian Express has tried to search for accomplishments, if any.
In April, a stretch of road was patched up in Khuda Lahora. She continued to tweet about social distancing and other Covid protocols.

That same month, she unveiled lights in Sec-15 Park.
In 2020, while mayor, she continued to participate in MC activities and inaugurations. She would post the administration’s decisions on Twitter.