IIM Indore Launches Online Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Indore has launched an Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management. The new program is designed in conjunction with Jigsaw to help sales professionals and aspirants of different experience levels incorporate digital skills for in-depth sales team building and a strategic approach to drive sales.

The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management is designed to empower learners to become high performing sales strategists in the digital world. Anyone who is a graduate and has at least 2 years of relevant professional experience is eligible for the executive program.

Since the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management as a course will follow learning interventions based on case studies, with frequent discussions with seasoned industry experts, it will only follow the online session format. live. For detailed program information, applicants can visit jigsawacademy.com/iimi-executive-program-in-strategic-sales-management/.

Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM, Indore, said, “The parameters of our sales program are specified around the conditioning of existing sales professionals as well as budding sales staff into a dynamic, revenue-generating and sales force. with digital skills. The four-month live online training with industry veterans covers the fundamental end-to-end concepts of sales to strategic sales for scale as well as emerging sales executives. Learning is hands-on with an emphasis on mastering the skills rather than just learning them.

Jigsaw CEO and Co-Founder Gaurav Vohra said: “There are no barriers in the industry and anyone aspiring to become a successful sales professional can enroll in this program online. four months.