How to share Wi-Fi passwords with friends and family on Android

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices was a pain, but things changed when Google introduced an easy way to get Android 10 done.

Wi-Fi password sharing turned on Android devices used to be a pain, but things changed when Google introduced an easy way to get the job done with Android 10. Since then, users have been able to easily share Wi-Fi passwords between Android devices by simply scanning a QR code. Sharing Wi-Fi passwords is very often a necessity, and Android users no longer actually need to spell the password to be able to share one with friends and family.

Released in 2019, Android 10 was a major update that brought a lot of thoughtful new features to Google’s mobile operating system. While the ability to easily share Wi-Fi passwords with other devices was a welcome feature, the headline Android 10 was a dark state of the entire system that users had long cried out for. Android 10 also brought Smart Reply to all compatible messaging apps, improved location and privacy tools, a Focus Mode, Live Caption, new parental controls and more.


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To share a Wi-Fi password from an Android device, first make sure it is connected to the Wi-Fi network whose password will be shared. Then drag down the Quick Settings menu / Messages screen and tap the ‘gear’ icon to open the Settings menu. On the Settings page, select ‘Network and internet‘(it could be called’Connections‘on some Android devices), then select’The Internet‘or’Wireless Internet‘, depending on the device. Now tap the SSID of the target network and then select ‘Share. ‘ The phone generates a QR code which can then be scanned by any device (running Android 10 or later) and used to log in to the same network.

Share Wi-Fi password on all Android 10+ devices

Share Wi-Fi password Android QR code

It is worth noting since most Android devices come with custom skins, not everyone has the exact same menu. So while some of the aforementioned entries may vary from one device to another, all devices running at least Android 10 should still be able to share Wi-Fi passwords with other smartphones and tablets. If someone is struggling to find the exact options on their device, digging deep into the Wi-Fi and Internet settings should reveal the ability to share a Wi-Fi password from their device. For reference, Apple also lets users easily share Wi-Fi passwords from iPhones and iPads, though both devices must be made by Apple for the feature to work.

Sharing a Wi-Fi password can be helpful in several ways. For example, in addition to enabling friends and family to connect their devices to a network, the ability to share Wi-Fi credentials can also prove useful when someone is trying to set up a new device and actually cannot remember the password. Whatever the reason, Wi-Fi passwords can be quickly and easily shared from one Android device to another.

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