How to get the magic dagger in tunic

The Magic Dagger in Tunic is an auxiliary weapon that can incase enemies in ice for several moments, allowing you to attack or heal.

The Magic Dagger is a utility weapon in Tunic which allows the player to fire a short-range eruption of ice that temporarily freezes enemies in place. This item gives adventurers a valuable opportunity to land extra attacks, take a moment to heal, or cover the ground away from the enemy. Each use uses a lot of MP, so Tunic players must make sure to take advantage the dagger only in appropriate situations.

The location of Magic Dagger in Tunic is in a secluded cave in the southwestern part of Vesthaven. Adventurers must cross several narrow paths to reach the cave, including several paths that are slightly hidden in the environment. Players will run into several enemy mounds along the way, so be prepared to fight. Therefore, it is recommended Tunic fans buy several consumables before embarking on their journey, such as health drinks or bombs. The shop owner and their wares can be found hidden to the left of the wood-burning stove checkpoint in the West Garden region.


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Starting from the checkpoint, head southwest to the island with a water basin guarded by a Chompignom. After defeating the enemy, cross the fallen pillar to the left and down into the water. Follows the shady path in Tunic below the water surface, cross over to the next area below.

Magic Dagger Placement in Tunic

Magic Dagger Placement in Tunic

After plundering the coin coffin, continue east on top of the wooden planks connecting the islands. Turn right at the crosswalk and continue south, turn left at the rubble to get out of the hidden entrance. The next area will have two Chompignoms facing away from the player when they arrive, then Tunic fans are advised to take out one at a time to preserve HP. Within the ruins just to the west, three fairies will attack the player. Use the shield to deflect their range attacks and defeat them before moving on.

At the end of the ruins, adventurers can climb up the wooden ramp to go to the top of the wall. Go ahead and pay attention to the three Chompignoms and two hostile Zelda-like fairies in the following areas. Then go on top of the overpass and turn right at the intersection. Walk all the way to the easternmost island, but be careful of the two aggressive Chompignoms guarding the stairwell to the dagger’s cave. Once you have opened the treasure chest, go into the cave entrance on the left. Inde, Tunic players will find the magic dagger sitting on top of an altar at the back of the room.

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Tunic is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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