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Unpacking is a zen indie puzzle game where players have to clear boxes in eight different steps and there are 27 stickers that players can unlock.

IN Unpacking, gives players the task of unpacking boxes and moving the main character into eight different homes, each of which has several stickers that can serve as achievements. With simple puzzle-solving gameplay and a cool aesthetic, this charming indie game takes players on a journey through the protagonist’s life as she moves from house to house, unpacking her belongings and decorating them in each new room. Each home spans 21 years and represents a new era of her journey, and players see how her family and career grow and change for each house she moves into.

While the whole story of Unpacking is never explicitly stated and the main character is never introduced, the game weaves a beautiful narrative through the possessions that players unpack in each phase. As the main character gets new things and leaves others behind, her story unfolds and the players get to know her incredibly well without ever meeting her properly. From her childhood bedroom to her first family home, Unpacking the narrative is incredibly gripping, which evokes a nostalgic mood complemented by its colorful pixel art and soothing soundtrack.


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There are a total of 27 stickers in Unpacking, some of which can be earned by completing stages and tasks required to advance through history. There are a number of achievements without history that players can also earn on each stage, often related to each phase’s unique items and require players to think outside the box when it comes to using each one. Stickers are not only representative of Unpacking performance, but can also be used to add extra flair to screenshots taken in photo mode.

Unpacking: Each Story Sticker Achievement

The main character gets his first room for himself in Unpacking 1997.
  • Heck yes – Start the game. This performance is unlocked automatically.
  • Wow! – Unpack the camera in 1997. The camera unlocks the ability to take screenshots of each step and add pixel art decorations and effects as frames and filters as well as stickers.
  • Beginning – Complete the unpacking of the 1997 house.
  • Get smart – Complete the unpacking of the 2004 house.
  • Community – Complete the unpacking of the 2007 house.
  • Too cool – Complete the unpacking of the 2010 house.
  • Independence – Complete the unpacking of the 2012 house.
  • Home-cooked food – Complete the unpacking of the 2013 house.
  • Green thumb – Find a place for each plant in 2015. When the main character’s girlfriend moves into her apartment, she takes a multitude of plants with her, and the players must place each one to complete the stage and move on.
  • Love – Complete the unpacking of the 2015 house.
  • No place like home – Complete the unpacking of the 2018 house.

How to unlock each secret sticker in the package

The main character and her partner buy a house together in Unpacking 2018.
  • A Sometimes FoodPlace the cake tin out of reach. To keep the cake tin out of reach, players will need to place it on one of the highest shelves in the kitchen of the 2004, 2013 or 2018 houses, which are the only ones with shelves high enough to earn this sticker.
  • Less than three – Use the fridge magnets to spell “I heart U.” This achievement can only be unlocked in the 2015 and 2018 houses after the protagonist’s girlfriend brings the letter magnets.
  • Pose – Make the mannequin float. In the houses from 2004 and 2007, the main character has an adjustable art mannequin, and players can click on it to change its position.
  • 12:00 – Change the time on the microwave. After protagonist of Unpacking gets a microwave in the 2013 house, players can change the time setting on it by pressing its buttons.
  • Electrical hazard – Place an electrical appliance. If the player places an electrical appliance, such as the toaster, straightener or microwave oven, in a sink or tub, they will unlock the sticker.
  • Brew some coffee – This is one of the most involved achievements in Unpacking and requires multiple items to unlock. In the kitchen of the house from 2010, players must place all the things needed to make coffee on the counter, including coffee beans, coffee grinder, kettle, espresso machine, espresso press, sugar and a mug.
  • Blow up some tunesTurn on a music player. In each house, players can find a radio, turntable or speaker that plays music when players click on it. Each one plays a different song and the music can be heard anywhere in the house. MP3 players do not work for this performance.
  • Then the game starts – Turn on a game console. In any of the houses with a television, players will find either a Nintendo GameCube or Wii that can be turned on to display the title screen of another game. Since none of the handheld consoles can be turned on, they will not work for this performance.
  • Tidy Whities – Organize his underwear drawer. Players can earn this sticker in the 2010 house by placing and organizing all of their girlfriend’s socks and underwear in one drawer.
  • Rediscover childhood – Hang up a childhood poster. When the main character moves back to their childhood home in 2012, one of the posters is from 1997 stage of this indie game is rolled up in the closet. If you hang it up again, this achievement will be unlocked.
  • Brilliantly loose – Solve a mathematical equation. By arranging the magnets on the fridge so that they write “1 + 2 = 3”, players unlock this sticker. This achievement can be completed when the main character gets number magnets in 2013.
  • Fuzzy Friends – Place Tiger and Pig next to each other. When the protagonist’s girlfriend moves into 2015, she takes her Tiger plush toy with her and places it next to Unpacking mascot Pig plush will give players this cute sticker.
  • Solve a puzzle – Complete Rubik’s Cube. In the houses from 1997 and 2004 there is one Rubik’s Cube Puzzle which players can solve by clicking on it several times in a row.
  • Hat On The Head – Put the hat on the mannequin head. In the 2007 phase, there is a bare mannequin head on the top shelf of the dining room that players can place their hat on to unlock this sticker.
  • I have to rinse them all – Flush each toilet. By flushing each toilet in all stages of Unpacking, players can earn this achievement. The 2018 house has two toilets, both of which must be flushed.
  • Baby builder – Build a block tower. In the 2018 house, players can stack five baby blocks on top of each other to unlock this sticker.

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Unpacking is available on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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