How to download Peacock on a Samsung Smart TV

Want to see all the latest shows and movies from Peacock on a Samsung smart TV? Fortunately, downloading the app is a piece of cake.

That Peacock app is easily accessible on Samsung smart TVs, and installing it is as easy as any other application. In the past, the easiest way for a Samsung smart TV user was to access Peacock to use a streaming device as a Roku player, or by using AirPlay 2 to stream from an Apple device. It sometimes takes streaming services a while to bring their app to each platform. For some time, Samsung smart TVs were noticeably absent from the Peacock list.

Peacock is the streaming service offered by NBCUniversal and was first launched in July 2020. Customers have three subscription levels to choose from, starting with a free option with ads that provide access to limited programming. There’s also Peacock Premium at $ 4.99 per. month and Premium Plus for $ 9.99 per. month. Other streaming services available on Samsung’s smart TV include Disney +, HBO Max and Amazon Prime. Users also have the option of watching live and on-demand TV for free, thanks to Samsung TV Plus.


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Before you can watch Peacock on a Samsung smart TV, users must have a Peacock account. This can be created by visiting, enter an email address and then select the correct subscription level for them. To download the app on a Samsung smart TV, simply do the following: From the Home screen, navigate to ‘Apps’ and then select the ‘Search’ icon. Then it’s just a matter of performing a search for ‘Peacock’ and clicking the ‘Install’ button on the Peacock app page. Once the app is downloaded, the user will find Peacock listed on the home screen. They must log in to their Peacock account when they first launch the app before they can start streaming. However, once you are logged in, this is where the setup process ends. The only thing users really need to keep in mind is the model of TV they are using. The Peacock app is only officially supported on Samsung smart TVs from 2017 or later. If anyone has a Samsung smart TV from before 2017, Peacock will not work.

What you’re watching at Peacock

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Peacock provides access to popular NBC shows like The office or Parks and recreation, as as well Downton Abbey and vikings. The streaming service also includes its own original programming like Rutherford Falls, a Saved by the bell restart, and a MacGruber TV show based on the classic sketch from SNL. In addition to TV shows, Peacock users can also watch a variety of movies.

With Peacock now widely available on virtually every smart TV platform, the service is in the best position ever to start gathering subscribers. In 2020, Peacock just reported 33 million sign-ups and a loss of $ 914 million in revenue. Things did not get much better in 2021, when NBCUniversal only confirmed 54 million subscribers from the second quarter of the same year. Peacock’s availability at Samsung smart TVs probably won’t be the only reason it’s becoming more successful, but it’s an important step forward to ensure that as many people as possible can get the app.

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