How to bring up your Chocobo buddy

Final Fantasy XIV has introduced new features over its lifetime, some as part of full extensions and others as ongoing regular updates. This even includes plans to renew the main history task. With a likely influx of new and returning players trying out a wide variety of jobs, there may be a lot of activity in the game’s open world. To ease task difficulty and grinding, it would be a good idea to bring a Chocobo companion into battle.

After completing some of the main scenario tasks at level 20, players will be able to achieve a Chocobo by participating in one of three major companies in Eorzea. Every business wants a blue task called “My little Chocobo“” which players can complete to acquire a Chocobo FFXIV, players can summon their Chocobo using Gysahl Greens, which can be purchased from NPCs for 36 Gil. The chocobo can be summoned for 30 minutes by default, but players can extend the duration by using two extra Gysahl Greens.


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Chocobo Companions can almost behave like an extra party member, with abilities to refuel, heal and do damage. When they help kill monsters, they will earn their own EXP and access to new powers. Best yet, players who own city accommodation can passively train their Chocobo during downtime or even while sleeping. However, it is important to note that players will need to use the Chocobo while cultivating Mob Farming, Fate Farming or feeding in the barn. In addition, players should not ignore the weekly logs as it provides colossal experience points to the companion.

Unlocks a Chocobo Companion in Final Fantasy XIV

Chocobo Companions in Final Fantasy XIV

To get a Chocobo Companion, you must first get a ride Chocobo from the level 20 mission My little Chocobo. There are three different quests, depending on your current Grand Company:

  • Malstrøm: from R’ashaht Rhiki by Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks X: 13, Y: 12
  • Twin Adder: from Vorsaile Heouloix at New Gridania X: 9.5, Y: 11
  • Immortal flames: from Swift at Ul’dah Steps of Nald X: 8.5, Y: 9

Once you have a Chocobo, you can then turn it into a battle companion via the Level 30 mission My Feisty Chocobo from Docette at South Shroud X: 17, Y: 28. During the quest you must acquire yourself Gysahl Greens, which is sold by most merchants in settlements and near the town of Aetherytes.

Once the mission is complete, ingesting a Gysahl Green while in the field will summon your Chocobo for an hour. This timer is paused while mounted, in a city, trying to view content or logging out. As soon as the timer ends, your Chocobo will leave, but can return immediately with another Gysahl Green. Your Chocobo will always be on the same level as you, even if you are currently level-synchronized. If you are at a party, all eight members can each use their personal Chocobo.

Ranking Your Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV

Red Mage Rides Chocobo in Final Fantasy XIV

Although your Chocobo will match your character level, it will not be at full power until it gains ranks and experience. Chocobos will get EXP when you kill monsters around your job level on the course, which can be useful if you’re already doing field content like Fates or Beast Tribe quests. This type of level grinding can take some time, so you can supplement this by unlocking the challenge log via the level 15 quest. To take up the challenge from I’tolwann at Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks X: 11.5, Y: 11. Once you unlock, you can win 5% of your Chocobos level in EXP each week (starting Tuesday 04:00 AM EST) by killing 20 enemies and 10% more by defeating another 100.

Stable training

If you or your Free Company owns property as an apartment or property, then you will probably have access to a Chocobo barn. First complete the level 30 mission Bird in hand from Luquelot at Central Shroud X: 20, Y: 21. You can then fence your Chocobo into the barn and feed it every hour to get some EXP. Best yet, other players can feed your Chocobo when you are busy or offline. If your Chocobo eats enough of the same feed while housed, they can get a bonus when they eat it in the field as follows:

  • Sylkis Bud: Attack on
  • Mimet pumpkin: Healing
  • Pahsana fruit: Enmity increases
  • Tanatal plants: Max HP Up
  • Curiel rod: EXP Op

It is important that someone keeps the barn neat; an unclean barn will incur an EXP penalty during feeding. Also, be sure to release your Chocobo after it has been fed, as it cannot be summoned on the field if it is currently stable.

In addition to rank 10

The initial maximum rank of your Chocobo is 10, but can be raised 1 rank (to a maximum of 20) by feeding them a Thavnairian Onions (note that they will get zero EXP until their rank limit is raised). You can get guaranteed bulbs from the level 50 mission To get a stable job from Mathye in The Pillars X: 6, Y: 9 and the level 57 quest The true nature of a hunter from Hevoix on The Dravanian Forelands X: 31, Y: 22.

Additional bulbs can be earned by gardening in your apartment or property, mostly from crossing other seeds and plants along with a little luck. This also means that other gardeners are likely to sell Thavnairian Onions on Market Boards at extremely high premiums. Check the boards on your server for the current best price, and keep in mind that you can avoid market fees by buying directly in the city where the container sells.

Additionally, if all prices are high in your world, you can visit other servers at your data center using an Aetheryte in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania or Ul’dah. You can buy (but not sell) on another world’s Market Board.

Chocobo Skills in Final Fantasy XIV

Each time your Chocobo rises in rank, they will be awarded Skill Points (SP). From rank 1-10 you will get SP corresponding to the rank 11-16 gives 10 SP, while 17-20 adds another 1 compared to the previous level (11, 12, 13, 14) for a total of 165 SP. These points can be used on one of three skill trees to improve your Chocobo’s performance. If you are unhappy with your chosen skills, they can be reset with one Reagan Pepper sold at all Grand Companies for 48,000 Grand Company Seals or 20 Allied Seals.


The attacker tree will turn your Chocobo into a DPS, making them valuable for defeating touch enemies. They can use Choco Slash for 150 Potency, Choco Beak to do damage over time (130 instant Potency and 360 Potency over 18 seconds), Choco Rush to inflict Stun and the conical area attack Choco Blast. This tree also allows for bonus strength and attack speed compared to the other two. Learning all attacking skills will also unlock Dragoon barding that your companion can carry.


The Healer tree will allow your Chocobo to regain HP, which should be a top priority if you primarily play DPS jobs. Choco Regen heals at 450 Potency over 18 seconds, Choco Cure heals 300 Potency instantly, Choco Surge boosts all healing by 30%, and Choco Medica will heal in a circle of 150 Potency. The tree also gives a bonus Mind and HP. Learning all the skills will unlock White Mage barding.


The Defender tree gives your Chocobo more survivability, but its enemy generation is not super high, making it difficult for it to serve as a real tank. You should only place reserve points in this tree after making better investments in Attacker and Healer. Choco Kick inflicts damage at 150 Potency and Increased Enmity, Choco Kick can inflict 20% Slow for 12 seconds, Choco Guard reduces incoming damage by 15% for 15 seconds, and Choco Strike inflicts 150 Potency into a cone with Increased Enmity. The Defender tree also provides more bonus strength and HP. Finishing the entire tree rewards Paladin-style barding.

Chocobo can access many of his abilities to act as a great support party member. Some of the abilities can be classified as Tank, DPS or Healer. It is imperative that the players put some effort for weekly log rewards as it gives Chocobo considerable experience to get up to level faster than usual. It may take weeks or months to reach the maximum rank, but once your Chocobo is turned on, it will make many quests, destinies, and other open-world content much more secure and easy. You may be able to win battles above your current level or solo treasure hunt designed for entire parties.

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