How Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice compares to previous versions

With director Matt Reeves’ The Batman now in theaters, here’s how Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice compares to previous versions of the character.

Batman’s voice in film has become an iconic choice, and with Robert Pattinson debuting in the role of Batman, here’s a look at Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice and how it compares to previous versions. One of the most famous characters ever to emerge from the comic book world, Batman needs no introduction for most. He has starred in nearly a dozen live-action feature films, starred in several TV shows, been a frequent focus on the world of animation, been at the forefront of countless video games and done just about anything for a pop culture icon to do.

Yet, despite the fact that Batman has been around for so many decades, it never seems that Batman really loses his mass attraction, as he has been successfully reinvented many times both on the page and on screen. In live-action adaptations, this is normal standard Bruce Wayne / Batman combo it looks like quite a few characters have taken the mantle in DC Comics as well as for animated DC projects. That is the case again for Batmanwhich centers on Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne and his masked alter ego.


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Pattinson’s cast as Batman initially worried some as it seemed far removed from his previous roles. However, once Batman released, his portrayal of the character aroused much praise. Here’s how Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice compares to previous movie actors.

Why Robert Pattinson had to change his Batman voice

THE BATMAN TV Spot Vengeance batman robert pattinson mask

Before Pattinson settled on the Batman voice he uses Batman film, the actor revealed during an interview d Jimmy Kimmel live that he actually tried to go a completely different path, which ended up failing. Pattinson wanted to do the opposite of the usual harsh Batman voice, and instead kept his voice to an almost whisper for the first few weeks of the recordings. Finally, co-author and director Matt Reeves told Pattinson that this did not work and that a change was needed.

How Robert Pattinson’s Batman voice compares to previous versions

Robert Pattinson and The Batman

When playing Bruce Wayne Batman, Pattinson seems to use his normal voice, albeit a bit slower and more measured, to suit his generally depressed Bruce. As for former actors, Pattinson’s Batman voice sounds a bit like Christian Bale’s, but not nearly as throaty and gritty, which should please those who found Bale’s exaggerated voice rubbing. Pattinson certainly adds a little extra rasp and weight to his Batman, but compared to him who speaks like Bruce Wayne. Adam West, Val Kilmer and George Clooney did not do much to separate their Batman and Bruce Wayne voices, especially Clooney, who sounded pretty much identical. West in particular changed his cadence and pitch a bit when he was inside the Batman costume.

On the other hand, Michael Keaton made his Batman sounds noticeably more erratic and unstable than Bruce, with his famous “I’m Batman” delivery a little crazy. Like Keaton, Pattinson seems to have made it clear that his Bruce Wayne and Batman voices sound noticeably different, as Bale certainly did for all the complainants. It works for the character, as Batman apparently does not want people to hear him speak and recognize his voice from the voice of public billionaire Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck had help in that department by using digital voice changes to make Batman sound deeper and more threatening. Clearly, Pattinson did not go that route Batmanwhich fits director Matt Reeves’ approach to the film as a more grounded detective story.

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