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That Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced lots of fascinating characters since its arrival in 2008. Some of them stayed in the movies for a long time, others disappeared quite quickly. And even though all the superheroes are based on the cartoon versions of them, that does not mean they are exactly the same in MCU as they were in the comics.

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One of the things that often changed was their date of birth. It may seem irrelevant considering how much the characters go through and what kind of problems they face, but learning more about their age can help explain their behavior, why they act the way they act. It can also shed some interesting light on the relationship between them.


Updated March 28, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: As the MCU continues to add more characters to its lineup and introduce more time travel and multiverse quarrels, it can become difficult to keep track of which characters are at what age – or whether the MCU characters’ birthdays have been revealed at all. It will no doubt get more complicated the longer the MCU timeline lasts, but there are still quite a few characters whose birthdays and ages the audience can figure out, giving them a little more insight into the characters.


vision offers a solution in Captain America Civil War

Although Vision appears to resemble the average middle-aged man as a synthetic being, he is actually incredibly young and nowhere near age of the original Avengers lineup. He was “born” in 2012 during the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron en Bruce Banner and Tony Stark help him (and Ultron) to life. Avengers: Infinity War, as Vision is destroyed by Thanos and Wanda Maximoff, fighting for Infinity Stone in his head, takes place six years later. Therefore, despite his intelligence, he is still very naive.

Monica Rambeau

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau in WandaVision

Monica may have experienced the beginning of her powers in WandaVision, but she has not got a superhero name for them yet. She has known her share of superheroes, as she knew Carol Danvers in the 90s when she was a little girl. Thanks to Captain Marvel film, the audience could estimate Monica’s birth year to 1984. That would make her about 34 during the events of Infinity Warand when she returns after Snap five years later in WandaVisionalthough she is chronologically around 39.


Simu Liu and Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi’s age is a bit confusing to the audience. Context clues from his origin story – Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – would indicate that he was born in about 1999 if he graduated high school in 2017. That makes him at least 24, as the film takes place in a post-Snap MCU. He could get a year or two older if he did not get into high school immediately after fleeing from his father. However, it is not clear if that age is accurate. He does not disappear under Snap, but actor Simu Liu is almost a decade older than the character if the age judged by the audience is accurate.

Scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch with red eyes from WandaVision finale

Audiences will never get the exact date of Wanda Maximoff’s birthday at MCU. However, they are given the year she is born. She and Pietro were born in early 1989, so she’s in her early 20s when she first fights the Avengers in Age of Ultron.

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Wanda is around 29 as she fights Thanos Infinity War and disappears during the snap. WandaVision takes place five years later after everyone has returned, but she is still just around the age of 30, as the events take place not long after returning home. Chronologically, Wanda would be 34.

Captain America

Steve Rogers was an old man – at least when you consider his date of birth – even before he became physically old. Steve was born on July 4, 1918, making him a cancer for zodiac sign enthusiasts. If everyone should be born on Independence Day, that’s Captain America. But since Steve was frozen in 1945, he was physically only in his late twenties when he woke up in 2011, despite being chronologically nearly 100 years old.

Falcon / Captain America

Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in Falcon and Winter Soldier

While Sam Wilson’s Marvel birthday is not listed on the screen, it is unlike a handful of other characters listed in a SHIELD file in MCU promotional material. Fans will probably discuss whether it’s canon or not, but it fits the film’s timeline. Sam is listed as born on September 23, 1978. That makes him 40, chronologically speaking, during the events of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. Because Sam is one of the people who dusted off during Thanos’ original Snap, he’s still 40 five years later when the characters begin to return.

Bucky Barnes

Steve Rogers’ best friend Bucky Barnes – later known as the Winter Soldier – is a little older than Captain America. Bucky’s date of birth is March 10, 1917, which means he’s a Pisces. Since Bucky only spent certain periods sleeping, he is still physically young but older than Steve, who was frozen for 66 years in total. Bucky, on the other hand, was occasionally active even in those years, which is why he sometimes seems so much more world-weary.

Iron Man

Unlike some of his other superheroes, Robert Downey, Jr. actually older than the character he portrayed in the movies. Downey, Jr. was born in 1965, but Tony Stark’s birthday is listed as taking place on May 29, 1970, meaning he is a Gemini. Tony Stark died in 2023, making him only 53 years old at the time. Nor did he disappear during Thanos’ first Snap, making him his full 53 years.

Spider Man

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man is one of the youngest superheroes in the MCU – and this is unlikely to change for the time being. His date of birth is different in the comics, but in MCU, Peter Parker’s birthday is August 10, 2001 – as was seen when he went to pick up his passport in Spider-Man: Far from home (2019).

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That makes him younger than his actor Tom Holland, who was born in 1996. Since Spidey was dusted off for five years, he was officially 22 in Avengers: Endgame – but only 16/17 years old physically, and had to go back to high school.


Although he does not look like it, Thor is by far one of the oldest superheroes out there – at least in MCU, that’s for sure. Unlike his other superheroes, Thor was not shy when it came to revealing his true age. IN Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Thor mentioned that he was about 1,500 years old, although the exact date of his birth is never revealed to the public. That must mean a lot of candles on his birthday cake.

Black widow

Black Widow is one of the two original Avengers that did not make it out of Avengers: Endgame in one piece. Natasha Romanoff is a mysterious character who likes to keep information about her private life – yes, private. However, it is a known fact that she shares the year of birth with her actress, Scarlett Johansson. Black Widow was born in 1984, which means she was only 39 when she sacrificed her life on Vormir.

War machine

Tony Stark’s best friend, James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, has never played a major role in the MCU – but now that Iron Man is gone, it’s possible audiences may see Rhodey undress more often.

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Either way, Rhodes always behaved like Stark’s older, more responsible friend – and that was exactly who he was. James Rhodes was born on October 6, 1968, making him two years older than Tony Stark.


Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff may have been good friends, maybe even best friends, but not everyone might have been aware that there was a pretty big age difference between them. In MCU, Hawkeye was born on January 7, 1971, meaning he was 13 years older than Natasha. It gave him enough time not only to master archery and become a spy, but to get married and start a family.


As mentioned earlier, Spider-Man is a pretty young hero. But when it comes to age, Groot has its beat. Groot ages at a different pace than humans, so it’s a little difficult to compare his age with others. However, this version of Groot was born – or grew in reality – in 2014, which would mean that he was only 4 in human years when he appeared in Avengers: Endgame – when he too was dusted for five years. But even though he was only 4, he still triumphed on the battlefield.


The original group of Avengers would not be complete without Bruce Banner aka Hulk aka later Professor Hulk. Aside from Thor and the deceptively young Steve Rogers, Bruce was actually the oldest member of the original six, considering all of the Avengers’ birthdays. He was born on December 18, 1969. Although Banner was born in 1969, Hulk first came to this world in 2005. In many ways, that explains why Banner behaves more mature than Hulk, at least in the beginning.

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