HC appoints retired judge as administrator of Kalkaji Mandir

Noting that the leadership of Shri Kalkaji Mandir is unable to exercise effective control over the administration of the religious place, the Delhi High Court on Monday appointed judge (retd) JR Midha as its administrator. He said there is a “grave and imminent need” to preserve the spiritual holiness of the temple and not to allow it to be misused “by unwanted elements that could convert it into a commercial enterprise.”

The tribunal said that the administrator’s mandate will be to take the necessary steps in the interests of worshipers, pilgrims and baridaars to ensure safety and security and preserve “the integrity and sanctity of the deity and of the Mandir, which is of the utmost historical significance to the people of Delhi ”.

He conveyed a multitude of instructions to various authorities in an order over a heap of petitions related to disputes between those who run the temple. “The disputes are of different shades and mainly concern the collection of offerings / gifts, their division and distribution among the baridaars. Thus, it is necessary to rationalize the way in which offerings and gifts are made… ”, said Judge Prathiba M Singh in the ordinance.

Midha will be assisted by lawyer Manmeet Arora.

Transferring to itself all pending civil cases in the district courts, the court said that considerable judicial time was spent adjudicating claims and proceedings in some of these lawsuits.

He also asked architect Goonmeet Singh Chauhan to submit a redevelopment plan for the Kalkaji Mandir and the entire surrounding complex.

“Once the unauthorized occupants, unauthorized constructions and encroachments are removed, in the following week, measures will be launched for the redevelopment of the entire Mandir and the complex,” said the court.