HC adjourns hearing on Punjab drug case until October 26

The High Court of Punjab and Haryana on Thursday adjourned the hearing of a case highlighting the drug threat in Punjab until October 26.

The case was brought to the hearing on Thursday before the divisional bench of judges Augustine George Masih and Ashok Kumar Verma.

After hearing arguments from lawyers appearing in the case, the High Court ordered the case to be scheduled for a new hearing on October 26.

Previously, in the suo-motu case heard by the HC, the intervener, Lawyer For Human Rights, through his lawyer, lawyer Navkiran Singh, had submitted a synopsis to the court requesting the opening of a sealed report submitted by the State of Punjab. in the case.

As the hearing in the case resumed on Thursday, retired IPS officer Shashi Kant, through his attorney, Senior Counsel Gurminder Singh, claimed the case is public interest and that the court should monitor the measures taken by various departments and agencies for better coordination to eradicate the drug problem from the core. The related reports can be viewed by the court at the appropriate time, but must not derail the fundamental issues involved in the case.

On the other hand, lead lawyer Anupam Gupta, disagreeing with Kant’s submission, argued that there could be millions of other issues in this case, but the main one was the opening of a report. of sealed cover with regard to the guilt of people in high places. If the sealed report is not opened, it will be a tragedy, Gupta said.

Earlier, Advocate General APS Deol, representing Punjab, and lawyer Navkiran Singh appearing for different parties had told the judiciary that the issue of opening sealed reports could be dealt with as a matter of priority.

The demand in the drugs case was filed by lawyer Navkiran Singh, on behalf of Lawyers for Human Rights International, claiming that the sealed report contains the state’s response to a report submitted by STF chief Harpreet Singh Sidhu, to whom the HC to review the sealed report submitted by the deputy director of ED Niranjan Singh. Lawyer Singh had further claimed that the case concerned the drug mafia operating in the Punjab, which has international links and must be dealt with urgently as it affects the lives of young Punjabi.

The sealed reports, which were filed by Niranjan Singh, then Deputy Director of the Law Enforcement Branch, and the Special Working Group, as well as the State of Punjab, are to be opened and considered by this tribunal, a said Navkiran.