Hazbin Hotel Series Unveils New Alastor Character Design

A24’s upcoming Hazbin Hotel series, based on the 2019 YouTube webisode, has revealed its brand new design for Alastor Radio Demon.

The A24 is on its way Hazbin Hotel series, based on a controversial 2019 cartoon pilot on YouTube, has unveiled its all-new design for Alastor the Radio Demon. The announcement of the series in August 2020 was met with a divisive response from the general public. Some claimed the show was too vulgar, while others expressed enthusiasm.

The original webisode that inspired the series, created by YouTuber Vivienne Medrano (username Vivziepop), revolves around Charlie, the princess of hell, who wants to solve the problem of overpopulation by opening a hotel that “rehabilitates sinners”, which eventually leads them against redemption and therefore send them to heaven. Unfortunately, none of Hell’s residents have any faith in Charlie’s project. Alastor, known all hell as “Radio Demon” sees this as an opportunity to cure his boredom as he wants to see the people of Hell fail to redeem themselves for his amusement.


This morning, Hazbin Hotel‘s official Twitter account posted a picture of their new design to Alastor. The caption tells the show’s followers all that “Smile,” as “today is the day to meet Alastor.“Check out the post below:

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Last month, the Twitter account posted a picture of their redesign to main character Charlie (which also included her new last name, Morningstar), which was met with a positive response. Right now, the show has no official release date, nor are there any words about casting. Medrano has kept its lips sealed when it comes to information about the upcoming series. Her other YouTube web series, Helluva Bosshowever, continues to publish new episodes on the same channel.

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Source: Hazbin Hotel/ Twitter

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