Have you ever tried Chinese biryani? Discover the viral video

When it comes to biryani, foodies can engage in serious debates about its different versions, each rich in its regional flavors. As loved as the dish is, it’s no surprise that people often take it to heart when someone experiments with their favorite dish. One of these biryani has taken to social media, leaving many disappointed.

We are talking about Chinese biryani. Yes, you heard right. Shared by a YouTuber, the dish recently went viral. The video, however, was released last year.

Check out the recipe here:

But on closer inspection, this innovative biryani recipe, cooked with chicken and vegetables, is quite similar to Chinese fried rice.

Here’s how people reacted to the Chinese biryani:

Earlier this year, a Pakistani man shared a photo of “Strawbiryani” or strawberry biryani that went viral instantly. In the photo, there was a large pot of biryani rice topped with fresh strawberries.

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