Harley Quinn’s children redefine her fight against the joker

Harley Quinn’s daughter, Jackie, has completely changed the game to Harley’s fight with the Joker, as her father’s influence begins to show.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Batman: Beyond the White Knight # 1

While Harley Quinn escaped Joker in the eternally continuing Batman: White Knight The story redefines her children her struggle against him. Back and forth between the Joker and Harley Quinn has been an integral part of their characters. It’s always been interesting to see Harley get tired of the Joker’s violent actions towards her and put himself on his own path towards independent villain … occasionally also getting the company of Poison Ivy. What’s interesting about Sean Murphy’s White Knight However, the series is the direction he takes Quinn to his own story after allegedly killing the Joker.


Since Death of the Joker, Harley Quinn has taken steps to continue where her life left off as her alter ego, Harleen Quinzel, before she was shaped by the clown prince. She has raised her children on her own and done her best to be a single mother to ensure they never end up like she did. She took the spandex at once to help solve a case involving Starlet and the Producer in her own miniseries, but after that she has been lying low again. Unfortunately, it seems that her past is starting to catch up with her again, as shown through her children that she has been trying to shield against the Joker’s influence for so long.

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Batman: Beyond the White Knight has a sensational episode where Harley’s daughter walks into their apartment and has a shocking resemblance to her father, the Joker. She has dyed her hair purple to match his iconic coat with sprinkles of green and purple in her outfit, making it undeniable that she has drawn much influence from him. Most confusing, however, is her smile, which is broad and unmistakably joker-like. For years, Harleen has been trying to protect these children from their father’s side to prevent something like this from happening, and now her worst nightmare is coming true: The Joker has tightened his grip on her children, even in death.

Harley Quinn and the Joker's children.

The reason this is so interesting is that it shows that Harley unfortunately has not been able to to escape the Joker. Even after killing him The curse of the white knight, he has still found a way to haunt her, and it is through the people she loves most of all. “Maybe I should be more like the Joker“Jackie tells her mother after being beaten,”and that’s what scares you“There is no doubt that Jackie is right when she says this. Harley thought she was finally free from the man who tortured her for years and now she must see what she thought was over again. .and it is staring her in the face through the eyes of someone she cares much about after years of raising her.

Of course the sensational ending on Beyond the White Knight shows that it will be more than Jackie it Harley has to take care of in this new arc. When Bruce manages to escape from prison, he runs right into what appears to be the joker, alive and well, waiting for him. Whether this is the same Joker who somehow got Harley’s children back from the dead, or a new person to take the name, Harley needs to have another heartbreaking battle with the trauma she’s endured for years . Until she discovers this new Joker in later editions, however, the battle between Harley Quinn and Joker has been officially redefined, and it is through the children that she thought she could protect against their father, even after she had killed him.

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