Hard to match Narendra Modi’s record as WC: Vijay Rupani

FORMER Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said on Friday it was difficult to meet the standards of Narendra Modi’s reign as chief minister of Gujarat. Modi is a source of energy and it is difficult to run with him, Rupani said, before adding that during his years in power he worked honestly, never allowing power to go to his head.

“It is difficult to work after Narendra Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister because he is a source of energy and we are supposed to run with him. But I said it earlier too; it is the throne of Vikramaditya (the mythical king of Malva). If whoever sits there works honestly, he will automatically find ways. From this point of view, (I) made an effort to convert the best Gujarat into the best of all, ”Rupani said.

The former CM was addressing a public meeting organized by his supporters and prominent residents of Rajkot to congratulate him on his five years as CM of the state.

He reiterated that he quit in a fraction of a second after being asked to do so, before adding that he remains an ordinary man while holding the highest office in the state. He said he never dreamed of becoming CM and never argued for a position. “But as they say, when you resign yourself to something, that thing comes calling to you. After Vajubhai became governor, I had the opportunity to run for office. After becoming a Member of Parliament, I became President of the State, then Minister and finally Chief Minister ”, he declared.