Halo Shows Master Chief Suit weighs 50 pounds

Halo’s Master Chief actor Pablo Schreiber has revealed that the suit he wears on the show weighs 50 pounds and is incredibly difficult to appear in.

glory actor Pablo Schreiber has revealed that his spartan suit from the upcoming series weighs 50 pounds and is incredibly hard to appear in. The actor will play the iconic role of Master Chief in the series, which premieres at Paramount +. The show is scheduled to debut on the streaming service on March 24th.

glory is one of the most anticipated video game adaptations ever. Based on the Bungie and 343 Industries games of the same name, the franchise follows Spartan II super soldier John 117, also known as The Master Chief (Schreiber), while helping humanity fight a coalition of alien races known as The Covenant. In the games, John’s adventures lead him to a series of ancient alien superweapons known as Halo arrays. The Paramount series seems to make some notable changes to glory lore by changing how humanity becomes aware of the Halos themselves. Yet the core story of humanity’s struggle against the Covenant remains the same.


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One of the defining elements of glory franchise is Master Chiefs MJOLNIR armor, which he never removes in the games. Talks about the challenges of bringing Master Chief to life during a recent interview with THR, Schreiber revealed that the MJOLNIR prop suit weighs 50 pounds and makes it incredibly difficult to perform. The actor explained:

It’s 50 pounds of plastic, and the suit is meant to make you superhuman – it improves the Spartan’s ability to perform tenfold. In reality, it is the opposite. It is a challenge to manipulate a cumbersome costume and find ways to shoot it so that it looks like you are super skilled.

This is not an uncommon complaint among the cast, which Bokeem Woodbine also recently admitted that he had trouble moving in his MJOLNIR armor. As depicted in the games, extended media, and upcoming series, the Spartan II Super Soldiers are all improved creatures who have undergone rigorous training and received reinforcements during their time in the program. Their physical prowess is further enhanced by the MJOLNIR suits, which make them stronger, faster and far more durable. Some extended glory media have even shown that ordinary people have become crippled by the suits when trying to wear them without spartan improvements.

Although Schreiber admitted to having some difficulty working with the suit, the end result will hopefully be an authentic Master Chief achievement memories of the games are felt. The character’s movements are supposed to feel weighty due to a combination of the suit’s bulk and the mass of the genetically improved soldier inside. If Schreiber is able to make his boss look like “capable”Then the audience might look forward to a live-action version of the character who feels like the powerful soldier seen in the games when glory finally premieres on Paramount + later this month.

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Source: THR

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