Halo Infinite promises changes to the microtransaction system

Halo Infinite has suffered a lot of setbacks due to its in-game store. While these microtransactions have come to stay, they will be adjusted.

The massively popular Halo infinite is going to get some significant changes to its marketplace in the game, according to a recent statement. Infinite is the first game in glory franchise to offer a free-to-play multiplayer component and as such relies on microtransactions and purchasable Battle Passes to remain profitable. Not surprisingly, this has drawn criticism from some glory fans.

While Halo infinite offers a significant open world campaign that continues the story of Master Chief, its fan-favorite multiplayer component is free to play. Although this has exceeded the expectations that many players had after Infinites first unveiling, the live-service multiplayer has proven to be a huge success with both series veterans and newcomers. While core gameplay of Infinite is tighter and more polished than ever, many have raised concerns about the implementation of the multiplayer mode progression system; It is the perception of several players that EXP is achieved far too slowly – a case that is exacerbated by the fact that earning EXP is not strictly tied to performance, but rather awarded after the completion of certain challenges. Developer 343 Industries has adjusted this system, but it is still far from what many fans had expected.


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More changes to in-game progression and unlockable are on the way, according to tweets made by 343 Industries Head of Design Jerry Hook. Hook noted that the development team had been monitoring discussions about the in-game shop and will make adjustments accordingly over the next few weeks. Although many of these comments are vague, Hook specified that the main focus of the initiative would be to reduce prices, provide better value and offer more individual goods regardless of bundles. These changes begin to roll out on Tuesday.

Microtransactions as a concept are far from respected by the general gaming community, and Halo infinite have no shortage by them. These upcoming cost reductions should please some fans, and allowing consumers to pick and choose what they spend their money on by splitting bundles also seems like a good idea. However, there is no doubt that the continued inclusion and spread of microtransactions in Infinite will arouse the anger of many players who will not be happy with Hook’s comments.

This group of players can join in on something; it is likely that the controversial state of the Battle Pass course, at least in part, can be attributed to Microsoft and 343 Industries’ desire to drive players to the store in the game by offering it as an alternative to the gritty traditional progression. But if 343 Industries can encourage players to buy microtransactions by providing better value, it could pave the way for a better Battle Pass along the way.

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Halo infinite is available now on Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Jerry Hook / Twitter

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