Halo Infinite finally adds announcer Jeff Steitzer to Big Team Battles

Halo Infinite has announced that the franchise’s iconic speaker, Jeff Steitzer, will now have his voice shown in Big Team Battle mode.

A special treat comes for Halo infinite players now that season 1 is over, as developer 343 Industries announced that legendary announcer Jeff Steitzer would lend his voice to Big Team Battle mode. Steitzer has been an informant for glory games dating back to the 2001s Halo: Combat Evolved and is also announcing for Halo infinite. However, with the introduction of the popular Big Team Battle Mode, glory fans have noted that Steitzer’s voice was conspicuously absent.

Big Team Battle is a mode that has been a staple of glory games for years. Big Team Battle is the massive competition mode that offers 12 versus 12 matches on larger maps that often include vehicles. It is one of the most common game modes in glory franchise so players were not at all surprised to see it return Halo infinite. However, the game was also updated by increasing the team sizes to 12 players from the previous 8. Oddly enough, however, the playlist did not contain the iconic voice of Jeff Steitzer. This caused a lot of outcry from players who did not understand why he was missing from Big Team Battle playlists. 343 Industries is now correcting this error.


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glory has recently posted a post titled “Season 1 results report“, where the developers provided some insight from the community’s feedback through season 1 and discuss some upcoming changes that would be made in response to this. In multiplayer discussions, under the heading Big Team Battle, glory the team confirmed that Jeff Steitzer’s voice would return to the state to announce player-earned medals. This gave great response from Halo infinite players who have been eager to see Steitzer return to the Big Team Battle. Although Steitzer was with others Halo infinite multiplayer modes, he will now be included in the game’s most popular game mode.

Halo Infinite Big Team Battle 2

Although the team at 343 Industries is trying to correct these issues and respond to player complaints, these changes may still come too late. Halo infinite players have been candid about the state of the game at the moment. While Halo infinite had an incredibly successful launch, many players have lamented the lack of a Battle Royale mode.

At least one of Halo infinite‘s most popular game modes get an enhancement that players have requested. Jeff Steitzer is at the core glory just like Big Team Battle mode. Now the two are finally reunited, as many players think they should be.

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Halo infinite is currently available on PC and Xbox consoles.

Source: glory

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