Gujarat: four cops suspended a few days after the seizure of alcohol during a raid

About 40 days after the Directorate General of Local Crime (LCB) of the Morbi District Police raided the village of Sundargadh in Halvad Taluka and seized a large quantity of locally made alcohol, four officers from the station Halvad Police Force were suspended.

The four suspended agents are Yogeshdan Gadhvi, Jyapalsinh Jhala, Vikram Shihora and Harpalsinh Rathod.

“An investigation was opened against the four after other agencies carried out a law enforcement-related raid on the jurisdiction of the Halvad Police Station,” a police officer from Halvad said on Sunday. Morbi to the Indian Express.

A few days ago, police chief Vinesh Kharadi was suspended after Munna Sarla, a resident of Dighadiya village in Halvad Taluka, allegedly hanged himself in the toilet at the police station while in custody on September 29. Munna was arrested by Halvad Police for allegedly murdering her older brother Mukesh following a land dispute on September 23.

Inspector Prakash Dekavadiya, who was in charge of Halvad Police Station, Deputy Inspector PG Panara and eight other officers were also transferred on Saturday. The stay orders came a day after Sandeep Singh, deputy inspector general of the Rajkot channel, visited Halvad police station on October 8.